Province of Kelvon


City of Asvald
Country Kazulia
Regional capital Asvald
  Governing body Kelvon Municipal Council
  Governor Hannah Steinback
  Ruling party(s) Nasjonal Arbeiderkongress
Area 137,700 km²
Population 19,874,043

Kelvon is a county which is apart of Kazulia. Located in the most south-eastern edge of Kazulia, Kelvon shares a border with Hent to the west and Dreton to the north. It shares a national border with Northern Dovani to the east, Hulstria to the sound and Ostland to the south-east. Kelvon's population stands at 2,560,650, constituting about 3% of the national population. Established through the Government of Kelvon Act 4690, the Kelvon Assembly holds responsibility for a range of policy matters, while other areas are reserved for the central government.

Kelvon was the most industrialised region of Kazulia prior to its industrial revolution, declining as a result of businesses moving away from the agribusiness sector which once dominated the Kazulian economy and into oil and natural gas. Although it has been considered as an industrial-state due to the numerous chemical plants scattered across the country, commodity agriculture predominates in much of the state as most of the aforementioned chemical plants are based on byproducts from agricultural crops such as maize and soy.

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