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Kemokian Empire
Kemag dahyaush.png
Kemāg Dahyāuš
  699 BCE-465 BCE  
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            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Kemokian Empire.png

Map of the Kemokian Empire c. 630 BCE
Languages             Ancient Aldegarian
Demonym                Kemokian
Government           Monarchy
XšāyaΘiya XšāyaΘiyānām (King of Kings)
First                           Ashkan the Magnificent (first)
Last                           Mehrdad Shahriar (last)

Currency                 Daric

The Kemokian Empire (Ancient Aldegarian: Kemag dahyaush.png Kemāg Dahyāuš; Classical Aldegarian: Keshvar-e kemag.png Keshvar-e Kemāg) was an ancient empire that ruled large portions of Seleya between 699 and 465 BCE.

Founded by Ashkan the Magnificent, the empire provided the foundation for many parts of modern Aldegarian identity including the development of the Aldegarian language and the spread of Yazdism throughout the region.


In the eighth century BCE, there were various petty kingdoms throughout Central Seleya including Kemoku. During this period in the kingdom, Shapur was living as a young shepherd. In the year 710 BCE, he claimed to have received a revelation from Yazdān telling him that there was a single god of light in a never-ending battle with evil and that humanity was central to this conflict.

During this early period Shapur received patronage and protection from Ashkan the Magnificent, the reigning king. Aside from being convinced by the word of the prophet, Ashkan recognised the role that a unified religious system could play in maintaining a unified kingdom. After the death of Shapur, he used Yazdism as the basis for an emerging empire.

In the coming years, the Kemokian Empire expanded throughout Seleya in a process of military conquest and diplomacy. By the time of the death of Ashkan in 665 BCE, the empire had doubled in size over a period of less than half a century. In the coming two centuries it expanded further to include modern Gaduridos, Saridan and Tukarali as well as parts of Baltusia, Mordusia and Valruzia.

Over time the empire came to be characterised by instability and conflict. Neighbouring states slowly pushed back the control of the Kemokian rules until the Varigosian War brought the collapse of the empire and the rule of the Varigosian Kingdom.

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