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Kenji Ishida

Emperor of Sekowo

Reign September 2980 to October 3015
  • Zhong Ishida, Emperor of Sekowo
  • Megumi Ishida, Empress of Indrala
Consort Empress Ming Shi
Titles and Styles
  • HIM the Emperor of Sekowo
  • HRH the Prince of Tukarali
  • HH the Duke of Garoda
Father Jaden, Prince of Tukarali
Mother Aiko Hotaru, 3rd Vicountess of Kalsuro
Date of Birth August 20th, 2910
Sangon, Shrin Kali, Tukarali
Date of Death
Dynasty Rothingren-Traugott, Anyako-Ishida branch

His Imperial Celestial & Most Heavenly Majesty the Emperor Kenji Ishida of Sekowo (b.August 20th, 2940) was the Emperor of Sekowo from 2980 into the early 3000s. He was the son of Prince Jaden of Tukarali, 1st Duke of Garoda, and Aiko Hotaru, 3rd Vicountess of Kalsuro. Kenji is a descendant of Jaden I of Tukarali and Suzuka Ishida, including several other royals. Since his paternal grandfather abdicated the throne in 2888 to his younger brother Prince Henry, who went onto become King Henry I of Tukarali, Kenji's father was pushed back in the line of succession, as was Kenji when he was born. Despite this Kenji's father and Kenji himself maintained several titles, including the Duke of Garoda, which prior to his recognition as Emperor of Sekowo, used predominately, Kenji obtained the Garoda title following the death of Prince Jaden.

Originally a member of the House of Ayanko, when Kenji was crowned the Emperor of Sekowo a new line was established, and is known formally as the "House of Anyako-Ishida" but reffered more commonly as the House of Ishida. Kenji's accession to the throne came about at the end of the Great Sekowian War, returning the Ishida monarchy. Kenji would rule on the throne of Sekowo until the early 3000s when a coup of the government removed him from power.

Early Life[]

Kenji was born on August 20th, 2940, in Sangon, Tukarali, to Jaden, Prince of Tukarali, and Aiko Hotaru, 3rd Vicountess of Kalsuro. His father was an Aynako royal and his mother was a high-ranking noble woman in the Tukarali kingdom; Kenji's paternal grandparents were Jaden I of Tukarali and Suzuka Ishida and his maternal grandparents were Machi, 5th Viscount of Kalsuro and Chiyo Hareyo; Kenji is also a direct descendant of Yuko Ishida, who reigned as the Emperor of Sekowo. As a child, Kenji grew up idolizing Yuko, and in higher education, took great interest in the Ishida dynasty. Kenji Ishida was educated in the nations of Tukarali and Sekowo, where he took up the studies of international affairs, and law later in University.



Titles & Styles[]