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Keris Location.png
Area6,150,000 km²
Population density15.42 km²
Kizenia and New Endralon

Keris is a continent located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere and across the border between the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Keris is composed of five major islands as well as hundreds of smaller islands which surround them. It has a total area of approximately 6,150,000 km², the majority of which is accounted for by the Kerissian mainland, the largest of the continent's five major islands. Keris is divided politically into four different sovereign states: Dolgava, Egelion, New Endralon and Trigunia.


Throughout Kerissian history, there have been multiple attempts to unite the continent under the rule of a single government. Most have failed because of the ethnic, religious and linguistic divisions which split the continent. On the eastern coast, the Egelian and Caillean people are dominant groups. Alongside the Kizenian people, the comprise a broader group of people who speak Selucic languages and are associated with the Aurorian Patriarchal Church. In spite of this, the UKSR was able to control most of the continent with the exception of the modern territory of Egelion. In addition, the Kerisian Union is a supra-national entity which sought cooperation between independent Kerissian states.


Physical map of Keris

Keris is noted for its vast river system and large forests and is noted as a mountainous continent, with every country having one or more major mountain ranges. New Endralon has the largest and longest mountain range which includes the continent's highest peak. However, the coastlines of the islands is relatively flat.

Due to its proximity to the North Pole, the continent has one of the longest winter seasons on Terra with Trigunia having the longest and receiving the most winter precipitation.

List of countries[]

Political map of Keris

Countries in Keris (Last update: 4372)
Name Capital Population Area (km²) Density
Dolgava Noversk 99,680,847 1,858,800 53.62 km²
Egelion Demar Solad 99,638,132 1,527,000 65.25 km²
New Endralon Cetatea Albă 99,520,075 1,463,400 68.00 km²
Trigunia Rodshyadam 99,659,639 1,300,800 76.61 km²
Nations of Keris

New Trigunian Flag.png Trigunia | Kizenianflag.png Kizenia | Fontoria classic flag remade 2.png Dolgavas | Flag of the Kingdom of Egelion.svg Egelion

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