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Kerissian Central Communist Party
Name in Egelionian Partido Central Comunista de Keris
Name in Rodshya Kerissiyskaya Tsentral'naya Kommunisticheskaya Partiya
Name in Kizenian Partidul Comunist Central Cherisian
Name in Dolgavian Kerisa Centrāla Komunistiskā Partija
Political Ideology Communism
Founded (First KCCP) 2378
Founded (Second KCCP) 2596
Founded (Third KCCP) 2851
Founded (Fourth KCCP) 3280
First Secretary of the Central Committee Leonid Sidorov
Headquarters 1271-A Martovsky Prospekt, Rodshydam, Chadonia, Trigunia
Nations Dolgaria, Egelion, Kizenia, Trigunia

The Kerissian Central Communist Party (short: KCCP) was the constitutional force of societal organisation in the United Kerissian Socialist Republic and one of the largest communist organisations in the world. In this, the KCCP was not a political party in the Western sense.

The party was first founded as the Karissian Central Communist Party, a Communist organization in Keris that existed from 2378 to 2416 and attempted to create a Kerissian Communist superstate. In 2596, a new KCCP, named the Kerissian Central Communist Party to differentiate it from the old one, was formed, and created the first UKSR the same year. The Keris Central Communist Party, its third incarnation, was founded in 2851 mobilizing in both Dolgaria and Trigunia. The third KCCP was the ruling force of the second UKSR until its collapse in 2892. In 3280, the KCCP was recreated as the Kerissian Central Communist Party by the People's Republic of Trigunia, forming a committee in Kizenia 6 years later. In 3287, the fourth KCCP created the third UKSR, and was its ruling body until its dissolution in 3311.


The governing body of the KCCP was the Party Congress which was held once every 5 years. Party Congresses elected a permanent Central Committee (TsenKom), which acted as the central policymaking and governing body of the KCCP. The Central Committe was in effect the most important institution in the UKSR. The most powerful position in the party was that of the First Secretary who was elected by the TsenKom.


Ever since its first foundation, the KCCP was divided into committees, which were generally dedicated to the interests of a group (such as workers, farmers, students, youth, etc.) or a certain area of policy. These committees were usually localized, often serving the role of national branches of the KCCP. When pre-existing political parties joined the KCCP, they were transformed into committees. One of the most famous KCCP committees was the Communist Committee for Security, which also served as the secret police of the UKSR.


Date Countries Events
2378 Keris The KCCP is founded.
2380 Dolgaria First Dolgarian KCCP committee, the Communist Revolutionary Committee, forms.
2388 New Endralon Last New Endralonian KCCP committee, the Communist Workers Committee, disbands.
2390 Egelion First Egelionian KCCP committees, the Communist Labor Committee and Communist Farmers Committee, form.
2390 Egelion A KCCP-supported coup occurs, putting KCCP Chairman Karl Fielding in the office of Presidente of Egelion. However, three days later the government is overthrown again, putting the KCCP out of power in Egelion.
2391 Trigunia First Trigunian KCCP committee, the Communist Proletarian Committee, forms, and calls a general strike.
2394 Egelion After a successful socialist revolution, the KCCP controls the Head of State position and 50 out of 75 seats in the legislature.
2398 Trigunia The peak of the KCCP in Trigunia; the KCCP controls the Head of State position and 398 of the 600 seats in the legislature.
2400 Egelion General Secretary Emma Goldman arrested.
2400 Egelion KCCP Chairman Karl Fielding assassinated.
2402 Trigunia KCCP takes over in Trigunia and controls the Head of State position, the cabinet (renamed to the Council of Peoples' Commissars), and the legislature.
2416 Keris The KCCP disbands.
2418 Egelion Last Egelionian KCCP committee, the Communist Youth Committee, disbands.
2420 Dolgaria Last Dolgarian KCCP committee, the Communist Students Committee, disbands.
2596 Keris The new KCCP forms and achieves a 2/3 majority in Trigunia.
2851 Keris Third KCCP is formed. Committees are established in Dolgaria and Trigunia.
2855 New Endralon Cult Jade Anais becomes the KCCP Partidul Noul Comunist.
2855 Keris UKSR reestablished.
2860-2870 Keris Egelion-UKSR War.
2892 Keris The KCCP and UKSR disband.
3275 Trigunia Trigunia becomes a socialist state.
3280 Trigunia Trigunian Communist parties merge to re-create the KCCP; fourth KCCP formed.
3286 Kizenia KCCP committee founded in Kizenia, obtaining full power later the same year.
3287 Keris The UKSR is recreated by Trigunia and Kizenia.
3289-3293 Keymon UKSR participation in the Western Meria Crisis.
3290 Keris Attempts at UKSR and KCCP reforms are shot down in Rodshyadam, but the instability at the central level leads to the independence of Kizenia; KCCP purged of reformist elements. The Communist Committee for Security established as the secret police of the KCCP and UKSR.
3291 Kizenia The Great Kerissian Conspiracy: KCCP agents infiltrate right-wing party to divide pro-government vote, and return Kizenia to the UKSR.
3311 Keris Trigunian reforms bring the end of the UKSR. Fourth KCCP disbands.

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