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Principality of Keymon
Fürstentum vu Keymun
Fürstentum Keymon
Principatu di Klavia

Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Keymon
Location of Keymon

Éier, Vaterland (Küstenzong)
("Honour, Fatherland")

(and largest city)
Monte Primo
Other cities
Portu Betania
Sidi Mopani
Religion 65% Hosian
•45% Aurorian
•10% Holy Luthori Church
•5% Terran Patriarchal
•5% Other Denominations
Ethnic Groups
40% Küstbewunner
30% Bergmann
20% Ammuntagnu
10% Other ethnicity
Demonym Keymonite
Government Unitary constitutional monarchy
  Legislature Chamber of Deputies
Prince-Regent Théodore


Dr. Amanda Lamprecht
Area 30,900 km²
Population 13,790,312
(4743 estimate) 
$135 Billion
  per capita $25,735
Established 2103 (First Islands Formed)
Currency Keymon Dollar ($) (KED)
Time Zone GMT +2
  summer GMT +3
Drives on the Left
Calling Code +40
Internet TLD .ky
Organizations World Congress

Keymon, officially known as the Principality of Keymon is an island nation in the Artanian Ocean. It lies some 5,000 kilometres (3,106 mi) from the eastern coast of Artania and the western coast of Seleya. With a population over 16 million and an area of 300,900 km2 (11,600 sq mi), Keymon is the smallest nation in the western hemisphere by both population and area. Its capital is Monte Primo, which by an estimation in population, is the smallest national capital in the western hemisphere. The official languages spoken in Keymon are Küstenzong, Dundorfian, Bergmannsche, Luthorian and Ammuntagnu.


Dolgarian explorer Bryce Leigh named the island Keymon upon its settlement by his expedition team in 2103. It is thought that "Key-" refers either to the importance of the island as a place of rest to travellers between Likatonia and Hobrazia or the island's geographical shape which resembles a short, small key. The ending "-mon" is a shortening of the Canrillaise word "montagne", meaning "mountain". A large mountain chain cuts the nation almost directly in half, from west to East, with small gaps.





The Republic of Keymon is a unitary parliamentary republic with a public administration structure closely modelled on a unique blend between the Luthorian and Lourennais public administration systems. Officially, Keymon is known as the Second Republic of Keymon, owing to the approval of the Second Basic Laws of Keymon in 4850. This new constitution established the parliamentary republic structures of keymon, vesting executive power in the head of state notwithstanding the use/execution of vested powers remains within the hands of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. The President, a largely ceremonial position, is elected for a five-year term via a motion of the House of Representatives and is primarily an individual from civil society or of high integrity. The Prime Minister, as the head of government is appointed by the President and is usually the leader of the largest party/political coalition in the House of Representatives. The Deputy Prime Minister is appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister and is usually a member of the Senate.

The National Assembly is the bicameral legislature of Keymon, comprising of the aforementioned House of Representatives and Senate. Members of the House of Representatives are known as Members of the Assembly (Membri di l'AssembleaMA). Concurrently, there are 75 members of the assembly, whereby 17 are elected from Chievero, 18 are elected from Bilona, 34 are elected from Brasmel and 6 are elected from Palerona. The members of the assembly are directly elected for a 4-year term. As the government's ability to function within the parameters of the Basic Law is dependent on the confidence of the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives and its 75 members can trigger a motion of no confidence, forcing either the resignation of a minister(s) or the entire government. The Senate, the largely appointed upperhouse, has 29 members all appointed by the President: 15 senators nominated by the Prime Minister, 5 senators nominated by the Leader of the Opposition and 9 Independent Senators nominated by civil society.

Politics in the Second Republic has been largely dominated by the centre-left Social Democratic Party (PSd). The PSd has been governing Keymon since 4850 and has been largely referred to as being a technocracy, as many of its leaders and the various cabinets which it has formed were primarily composed of persons widely considered as experts in their various fields. Incumbent Prime Minister Dr. Amanda Lamprecht is an Environmental Economist and former Professor of Environmental Science.


Armed Forces of Keymon

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Law Enforcement of Keymon


Economy of Keymon


The education system is moderately developed in the nation. Mandatory attendance has increased the literacy rate up to 94% percent. The education system is required to give education in all S.T.E.M fields and in basic economics.



History of Keymon

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