Khanate of Barmenia
Brmék H'ánknstat
  3638-3645   Barma.png
Brmek Ahmadi              None

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Capital                     Varishehr
Languages             Brmek (official)
Demonym                Barmenian
Government           Military occupation
First                           Temrkai Khan
Last                           Temrkai Khan
Sultan representing will of Temrkai Khan on Brmek Land
Legislature             Jezmeclis (Supreme Assembly)
Area                          856,800 km²
Currency                 Barmenistan (BAR)

The Khanate of Barmenia was the name of Barmenistan under the rule of Temrkai Khan. Temrkaid rule in Barmenistan was established as a result of the intervention of Augustan General Nikandro Heraklioto in the Barmenia-Vanuku War. After conquering Varishehr, Heraklito converted to Ahmadism, adopting the Jelbic name Temrkai, and demanded the submission of all of Barmenistan. Queen Nour and Princess Dina were also captured by the Black Horde as they were fleeing Varishehr, becoming the personal prisoners and concubines of Temrkai. In January 3638 the Treaty of Barmenian Submission was signed, formalizing Temrkai's position as the overlord of Barmenistan.

Barmenistan thus became a part of the Jelbic Khaganate, a political entity created and ruled by Temrkai Khan and his Black Horde after his official recognition as Great Khan and Khagan of All Jelbics by a Kurultai in Jelbania in November 3637. Under Temrkai's rule Felinism was outlawed and Ahmadism imposed as official religion in the newly constituted Khanate of Barmenia. Temrkaid rule would however prove to be very brief, as after the Khagan's death in 3645 his empire disintegrated in a power struggle between the warlord's generals and governors.

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