— Principality of Cildania —
Principality Flag
Kinaan flag

Map of Kinaʿn
Country Cildania
Capital Keret
- Prince
- Governing party
- Legislature

Cildanian Phalangist Party
Population 19,993,443 (3647)
Area 163,200 km²

Kinaan (Qildari: כנן, Kinaʿn) in the North-Western province of Cildania. In Antiquity the region was the site of numerous Selucian colonies and many of the towns and surnames in the province show the influence of Selucia in Cildania. During the early middle ages the Principality of Velieres and later the Principality of Kinaan were among the most powerful and prominent states in Cildania although by the time of the Council of the Princes Kinaan as the by then least populous state and begun to fall behind.

Industry and EconomicsEdit

Kinaan is dominated by the Tobacco industry, with both extensive plantations in the eastern valleys and high country and a strong manufacturing base in the cities, Coffee, Sugarcane and Cocoa are also important cash crops for the canton although they pale in comparison is the chief export, Tobacco. Much of the province is entirely devoted to small-scale subsistence farming with the Church and a saftery net of traditional co-operatives protecting the livelihoods of small land owners and preventing the expanse of big business. The leading industries in Kinaan produce Tobacco ,beverages, butter, cement, edible oils, flour, refined sugar, soap, and textiles with over 40% of the provinces industry and manufacturing in the city of Belmonte. Along the northern coast of Cildania as a whole are large shipping and fishing industries and Kinaan has a number of major port cities. The Lear Tobacco Company based in Velieres has maintained several monopolies in Kinaan for one thousand years although oversight of the Apostolic Church of the Isles, a major shareholder has largely prevented it from abusing the monopoly.

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