King's Palace (Dorvik)

The King's Palace

The King's Palace (Dundorfian: Königspalast) also known as Vinisk Castle (Dundorfian: Schloß Vinisk) is the current residence of the King of Dorvik and personally owned by the House of Vinisk. It is located in Königsstadt, just outside of Vinisk, Dorvan.

During the government of the Communist Party of Dorvik (Modern) it was owned by the government but Raymond Petrov sold it back to the House of Vinisk, also known as the House of Faust-Essen when he was approached by the family and he granted it back as a part of easing tensions with the monarchy following the breakup of the Dundorfian Reich. The palace underwent a massive renovation in 2970 and again in 3200, it was originally built in 1099 A.D.


The palace was originally built for the first King of Dorvik when he was elevated to the position of King by Dundorfian King Manfred II due to his support of Manfred in his quest to become King. When the palace was begun outside of the traditional capitol of Vinisk, the King also began building two residences in Haldor (one of which is now occupied by the President of the Dorvish Republic; the other is the Eastern Palace). The palace has undergone dozens of minor renovations but the largest renovation was last completed in 3200. It is believed to be one of the largest royal palaces in Artania and the largest in Dorvik.