Eksandr bit Nasir

In office
3878 (retroactively via statute); 3899 – 3930
Preceded by Sarah bat Te'oma
Succeeded by Amfn bit Nasir

King-consort of Cildania
In office
3878 – 3910

Born 12th of November, 3853
Ur Bahra, Arakhim (Barmenia)
Spouse Sarah bat Te'oma (3878-3910; div.)
Queen Mri Mardoh (3910-3917; her death)
Julie bat Damgaard (pro. 3917-3930; his death)
Children Amfn bit Nasir (b. 3879); Nasts bat Nasir (b. 3879); Jehn bat Nasir (b. 3880); Jebr bit Nasir (b. 3881); Sarah bat Nasir (b. 3882)
Religion Eastern Patriarchial Hosianism (prior to 3878); Reformed Hosianism (post 3878)

King Eksandr (Brmek: Eksandr bit Nasir; Luthorian: Alexander of House Nasir) was the King consort and de facto regent of Barmenia from the 5th of December of 3878 until his formal proclamation as King (de jure) on the 3rd of October, 3899. While married to his first wife, Sarah bat Te'oma, he was King of Cildania, a title he continued to enjoy until their divorce on the 24th of October, 3910.

He is regarded as key figure in Barmenian and Cildanian history (though his exact role among Cildanian scholars remains in dispute) and within the reformation. His radical restructuring of Barmenian public life and institutions led to a dual era of draconianism and Kathuran rebirth.

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