Kingdom of Irkawa

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  c. 2500 BCE-402 CE   Flag of Augustan Empire.png
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            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Majatra 200bce
The Kingdom of Irkawa at its greatest extent in 200 BCE
Capital                     Sharba
Languages             Ancient Irkawan, Ancient Mallan
Demonym                Irkawan
Government           Absolute Monarchy

The Kingdom of Irkawa was an ancient civilization centred around the region of Irkawa in modern Cobura. The empire sprawled across much of Cobura, and experienced its height of power from approximately 1500 BCE to 1000 BCE. The kingdom was conquered in 402 CE by the Augustan Empire.


The Irkawans are the indigenous residents of western and central Cobura. They were ruled by multiple tribes, which fought with each other about as much as they did with non-Irkawans. In BCE, however, the Shoklon tribe began to attack neighboring tribal lands, conquering and growing larger and larger. The Shoklon are now widely recognized as having the first Coburan Empire, and it triggered a strong response among the rest of the Irkawan people. Realizing the danger posed by the Shoklon, the major Irkawan tribes met in the city of Sharba to discuss what measures ought to be taken for defense. The tribes formed the Irkawan Confederacy, built solely to defeat the Shoklon tribe. In the ensuing war, vast numbers of both Irkawan Confederacy citizens and Shoklon tribe members were killed, either directly or by starvation. The Shoklon were finally conquered in 687 BCE, but the troubles of the Irkawan Confederacy were not yet over.

The confederates quickly realized that in the absence of a common enemy internal tensions would override any common mission. After a few small domestic conflicts, the Irkawan Confederacy met once again in the city of Sharba in BCE. There, they agreed to set aside their tribal differences and create a new nation, based in Irkawa. The Irkawan Empire was formed.

Early YearsEdit

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