Kirill I of Trigunia
Kirill I
Emperor of Trigunia
Reign 9 June, 4112 - 29 February, 4145
Coronation 1 October, 4112
Predecessor Vladimir II
Successor Monarchy Abolished;

Father Tikhon, as Provisional President of the Republic of Trigunia

Head of House Romanov-Udinov
Reign 9 June, 4112 - 18 June, 4168
Predecessor Vladimir II
Successor Nikolay I
Full Name Kirill Vladimirovich Romanov
Formal Title(s) Head of House Romanov and Emperor of Trigunia
Date of Birth 23 November, 4077
Date of Death 18 June, 4168 (aged 90)
Consort Aleksandra Romanov-Udinova
  • Nikolay I
  • Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov
  • Alexander Kirillovich Romanov
  • Olga Kirillovna Romanova
  • Ekaterina Kirillovna Romanova
Imperial Dynasty House of Romanov-Udinov
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