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Kovács Gyula
Grand Director of Prime Ministry
Assumed office
April 4760
Preceded byFazekas Olivér
Personal details
BornAugust, 4720
Political partyNdrálon People's Party

Kovács Gyula is the current Grand Director of Prime Ministry in Endralon.

Personal life[]

He was born in Újmakon. His parents were journalists. In the civil war his father was a war correspondent. After the war he studied in Hugamest. He got a diploma of journalism, becouse he wanted to create an independent and conservative newspaper. He founded the Daily Endralon. At 4742 he got married.


He joined into the politics in 4748. He got a seat in the parliament. Aftter the elections at 4752 he became the faction leader of the PPs faction. After Fazekass resignation he became the Prime Minister.