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Kovács I Cabinet
Date formedApril, 4760
Date dissolvedFebruary, 4761
People and organisations
President of the Directorial RepublicIstván Balogh
Grand Director of Prime MinistryKovács Gyula
Member partyMembers:
Opposition partyOpposition members:
Opposition leaderIstván Balogh
PredecessorFazekas IV Cabinet
SuccessorBártfai I Cabinet

The Kovács I Cabinet (officially the 13th Council of Grand Directors of the Directorial Republic of Endralon) was a government in Endralon.


102 / 195

The new HoG[]

After the demonstrations for abortions and against former Prime Minister Fazekas Olivér, Fazekas resigned. The NPP's fraction' leader, Kovács Gyula became the new Grand Director of Prime Ministry who accepted abortions. The Grand Directors of the Fazekas IV Cabinet stayed.

Laws and Bills[]

This cabinet got power when the Senate accepted the 'Kovács Cabinet' bill at April, 4760.

After choices of the Senate, they released the next laws.