Kozak viy̆na za Nezalezhnistʹ
Kazak voĭna za Nezavisimostʹ
Kosak Unabhängigkeitskrieg
Kozak War of Independence
Date 3046 - 3048
Location Chadonia, Trigunia
  • Establishment of the Kozak Provisional Government
  • Eventual reintegration into larger Trigunian society
Kozak opir armiï (Kozak Resistance Army) Trigunia
Viktor A. Kuznets
R.M. Dobzhansky
Pyotr Kyrpychov
Notable Battles & Campaigns

The Kozak War of Independence (Kozak: Kozak viy̆na za Nezalezhnistʹ; Rodshya: Kazak voĭna za Nezavisimostʹ; Hulsterreichisches Dundorfische: Kosak Unabhängigkeitskrieg) was a conflict between the Kozak Resistance Army and the Trigunian Military for control of several raions in the Yuralovo Mountains of the Chadonia oblast.


The Kozak people were long been overshadowed by their majority Trigunian neighbors who often threatened to absorb the struggling Kozak language and culture into those of Trigunia. With the ascension of Emperor & Autocrat Pavlo I of the House of Doroshenko institutional discrimination became the norm, alongside the minority Hulstrian Protestants. On 8 January 3046, the Kozak Resistance Army stormed several government buildings in the small mountain raion of Respvos with the attempt to drive out the Trigunians and establish an independent republic.

Declaration of IndependenceEdit

We can no longer suffer the repeated violations of our dearest rights, and patiently support the multiplied outrages and cruelties of the Government of Trigunia,

WE, in the name of the Kozak people of Chadonia, acknowledging the decrees of a Divine Providence, which permits us to put down a Government, which hath abused the object and intention for which it was created, and to make choice of that form of Government which shall re-establish the empire of justice — assure domestic tranquility — provide for common defence — promote general good, and secure to us and our posterity the advantages of civil and religious liberty,

SOLEMNLY DECLARE:— That from this day forward, the PEOPLE OF CHADONIA are absolved from all allegiance to Trigunia, and that the political connection between that Power and Chadonia, is now dissolved.

That a REPRESENTATIVE form of Government is best suited to Chadonia, which is this day declared to be a COMMONWEALTH. That under this Free Government of Chadonia, all persons shall enjoy the same rights: the Kozaks and Hulstrians shall no longer be under any civil disqualification, but shall enjoy the same rights as all other citizens in Chadonia.

"Signed on Behalf of the Provisional Government

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