Kozak Men and Women
Total population 40 - 60 million (est)
Regions with significant populations Chadonia, Yulrath, Trigunskaya Imperiya
Language Kozak
Religion Hosianism:
  • Terran Patriarchal 70%
  • Aurorian Patriarchal 15%
  • Atheism & Other 10%
Related ethnic groups Trigunians, Deltarian, Dolgar, Karzonian, Lirathi,
Girans, Ghadrashans, Trigunian

The Kozak (Kozaki: Казики, tr. Kaziki) people are a linguistic and ethnic group found mostly on the eastern portion of the main island of Trigunia. The Kozaki people are known for their democratic, militaristic nature. The Kozaki people developed separately aside the Trigunian people themselves, while many in other parts of the world believe that they are the same or similar, they see themselves as separate. The Kozak's themselves have a divide, they are divided by the "proper" Kozaks which make up the largest majority of Kozak's in Trigunia and the "White Kozaks" who have integrated more with Rodshyan people.

Throughout the history of Trigunia, there have been several independent movements such as the Kozak War of Independence and the Kozak Commonwealth. The history of the Kozak people is filled with much conflict, despite their island location they are fierce cavalry riders and are known for their raiding and swift strike nature. This has played much into the development of personalities of many Kozaki's who find themselves in the military.

Unlike their ethnic Trigunian neighbors, the Kozak people have no links to other ethnic groups on outside of Keris. They trace their heritage, along with most Trigunian ancestors, to the original inhabitants of the the Kerissian islands. However, just like their more numerous Trigunian cousins, Kozaks adopted a Deltarian Delic language and Tokundian alphabet. over time, this language became distinct and different. Some Trigunian nationalists have claimed throughout the centuries that Kozak is merely a dialect of Rodshya but is treated as a separate language due to political correctness rather than reality. Despite these claims, Kozak people continue to consider their language separate and their culture unique within the larger Trigunian state.

Kozak hostsEdit

Main article: Kozak host

Traditionally Kozak's have divided themselves in "Hosts" which is similar to a tribe. Leadership within the host is elected and each of the Kozak hosts have an elected Hetman which essentially serves as their leader. Kozak hosts overtime have died out, been conquered or outright destroyed due to various wars, conflicts or attempts at independence. Several hosts have migrated overseas, notably in Hobrazia and Aldegar during conflicts between Aldegar and Trigunia.

  • Khavrati host - Hobrazia
  • Astrov host - Hobrazia
  • Aldegarian host - Aldegar
  • Alazinder host - The most prominent Kozak host remaining today, the Alazinder host's became close allies of the various Monarchs of Trigunia and have regularly elected the reigning monarch of Trigunia as their Hetman due to their close ties. In the Kozak community there is a debate regarding the status of the Alazinder host as either "traitors" or "patriots".
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