Imperial House of Kurosawa
Kurosawa Clan
CountryEmpire of Gao-Soto
Ancestral houseOkatori Clan (extinct)
TitlesMikado of Gao-Soto
Mikado of Gao-Soto in right of Ostland
Style(s)His Imperial and Heavenly Majesty
FounderOkatori Kurosawa (progenitor)
Morihito of Gao-Soto (first member)
Current headMorihito of Gao-Soto
The Kurosawa Clan, also known as the Imperial Kurosawa Clan or the Imperial House of Kurosawa, is the ruling House of the Empire of Gao-Soto. It was founded following the proclamation of a provisional Septembrist government of the United Imperial Crownlands of Hulstria and Gao-Soto to succeed the extinct Okatori Clan, which had merged into the House of Rothingren-Traugott, the heir to which, Otto III of Hulstria was ethnically Hulstrian and believed himself to be unable for this reason to represent Gao-Soto. After searching the genealogical records, a commoner, Nakashima Morihito, was found to be the closest female-line descendant of Okatori Kurosawa, and proclaimed as Mikado Morihito of Gao-Soto, becoming the head of a new Imperial Clan named for his famed progenitor (as Gao-Showan naming customs dictate Clans are named for legendary progenitors) and taking the name Kurosawa Morihito.

地平かに天成る (Chihei ka ni ten naru, "The land is filled with peace under a clear sky"), cited by the scholar-emperor Okatori Akihiko from a history of medieval Gao-Soto, was chosen as the motto of the new Clan, reflecting its identification with the values of its progenitor.

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