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Kurt Heinz Baumgartner
Kurt Heinz Baumgartner

1st Conservative Party Leader
In office
December 2519 – December 2530
Succeeded by

3rd Conservative Party President
In office
January 2530 – December 2534
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Minister of Defence
In office
July 2521 – April 2531
Succeeded by

Member of Folkstämma
for Undarro
In office
September 2523 – August 2535

17 July 2469
Political party
Miriam Schulz (m. 2495)
Ludwig (b. 2495), Peter (b. 2499), Sofia Beatrix (b. 2501), Liesel Gisela (b. 2503)
Businessman, Politician
Christian (Catholic)

Captain Kurt Heinz Baumgartner, 11th Burggraf Baumgartner, MF, is the founder of the Conservative Party of Sekowo. He was CEO of Baumgartner Holdings until 2519. He served as the Minister of Defence in the Sekowan cabinet. He is the father of future Tenno of Sekowo, Peter Kurt Baumgartner.

Early LifeEdit

Baumgartner was born in Baumschloss, Saint Hélyi, in the province of Undarro on July 17, 2469, to Lieutenant Viktor Peter Baumgartner, 10th Burggraf Baumgartner, and Andrea Kristina Deschamps. Kurt is the oldest of four siblings. He attended a Military Academy and graduate top of his class. After graduating, he served in the Sekowan Army while studying business and administration at university.



Dates of RankEdit

  • 2479 - 2484 Military Academy Cadet
  • 2484 - 2485 Corporal
  • 2485 - 2487 Sergeant
  • 2487 - 2487 Sergeant-Major
  • 2487 - 2489 Cornet
  • 2488 - 2489 Officer Cadet
  • 2489 - 2491 Sub-Lieutenant
  • 2491 - 2494 Lieutenant
  • 2494 - 2498 Captain

Awards and DecorationsEdit


Kurt retired from the Sekowan Army in 2498 and began working in the family business Baumgartner Holdings as Junior VP for Undarro and was promoted in 2503 to Senior VP for Undarro. In 2506, the board elected him to become the new CFO. Upon his Uncle Wilfried's death in 2510, he succeed him as CEO and Chairman of the company. In 2519, he announced his retirement as CEO to pursue a career in politics but would retain the position of Chairman. He resigned as Chairman in 2521 before become Minister of Defence.


Minister of DefenceEdit

Personal LifeEdit


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