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Total population
22-24 million
Regions with significant populations
Flag of Kizenia and New Endralon.png Kuzaki 22-23 million
Flag of Dolgava.png Dolgava 100,000-350,000
Trigunian-flag.png Trigunia 80,000-110,000
Imperial Dankuk Flag 1.png Dankuk 50,000-60,000
Flag of Egelion.png Egelion 40,000-45,000
CND Flag.png North Dovani 10,000-12,000
Related ethnic groups
Mu-Tze, Indralans, Kunihito, Đinh

Kuzaki people are an ethnic group living principally in the Kizenia and New Endralon. Like many of the Gao-Showan people their cultural and linguistic background has been influenced by a variety of different neighbouring culture throughout history. In modern times it is generally agreed that they are most closely related to the Mu-Tze people.

Although it is a highly contested claim some Kuzaki people claim to be the indigenous peoples of the continent of Keris. Despite the lack of conclusive evidence for this proposition it is likely that they have inhabited the region for several thousand years and considerably longer than the New Endralonian people and Kizenian people.

As part of the broader ethnic tension within the country, the Kuzaki people have frequently experienced persecution and repression at the hands of the two larger ethnic communities.