Total population
20 million
Regions with significant populations
Flag of New Endralon New Endralon/Kizenia 18 million
Flag of the Grand Duchy of Dolgavia Dolgava 100,000-1350,000
Trigunian-flag Trigunia 80,000-110,000
Imperial Dankuk Flag 1 Dankuk 50,000-60,000
Flag of Egelion Egelion 40,000-45,000
CND Flag North Dovani 10,000-12,000
Related ethnic groups
Mu-Tze, Indralans, Kunihito, Đinh

Kuzaki people are a Gao-Showa ethnic group primarily based in the New Endralon/Kizenia. The smallest of the three recognised ethnic groups in the Confederation, they migrated to the modern-day region of Kutohaderia sometime during the 8th century. Initially thought to be a part of the central Gao-Showa, alongside the Sekowans and Kyo, this is now disputed by many experts who classify them as more closely related to the Mu-Tze.

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