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Kyo-Indralan Revolutionary War
Date 20 September 3688 to 30 December 3696
Location Dankuk
Result Zenshō socialist government defeated, interim government created
EnlightenedDankukFlag.PNG Enlightened People's Republic of Dankuk Indralanewflag.png Indrala
Kyo Flag.png Taegeuk Tigers
Supported By:
Gyokuk Royal Standard.png House of Ryeo
BlueDankuk.png Pyeongreo Faction

The Kyo-Indralan Revolutionary War was a war between the Enlightened People's Republic of Dankuk (EPRD) and Indrala that occurred between 3688 and 3696. The EPRD was established following the overwhelming success of the Zenshō Socialist Party in the 3685 parliamentary elections. As the Zenshō socialists began to rapidly enact their revolutionary agenda, the defeated Kyodae government refused to step down from power. Nearing escalation into full-scale civil war, from exile Crown Prince Jongkyun made an urgent call for peace. Following the command of the Crown Prince, Kyodae military loyalists stood down, allowing the full transfer of power to the Zenshō Socialist Party.

Over the next three years, the Zenshō socialist government enacted increasingly harsher policies aimed at silencing the opposition and eliminating remnants of loyalism to either Kyodae or the House of Ryeo. In 3688, acting on terms of the treaties of Soleynka and Northern Dovani, Indrala announced its intention to reoccupy colonial territories of Northern Dovani which had been previously transferred to Dranian control. By the end of September 3688, Indralan military forces began to invade Dranian colonial holdings, igniting the Kyo-Indralan Revolutionary War.

With the outbreak of war with Indrala, the EPRD shifted towards marshal law and the military took command of nearly all aspects of the government. In early 3689, Indralan military landed in Eljang, establishing a coastal base of operations. The Indralan military was plagued by stalemate battles but in the autumn of 3690 they would march on Gongmangdo and engage in the largest battle of the entire war, the Battle of Gongmangdo. Much of the city was left decimated by the battle and while the EPRD military would face the greatest losses, the battle was a loss for Indrala, which was forced to retreat. Another extended stalemate emerged following Indrala's defeat in Gongmangdo.

While the EPRD and Indrala clashed, anti-EPRD sentiments were quickly rising and loyalists of Kyodae and the House of Ryeo began to reemerge. With the aid of Indrala these groups began to take up arms against the EPRD government. The most notable organized group were the Taegeuk Tigers, led by a Commander Park, who would be later identified as Ito Ryoji. Secretly holding allegiances with leading figures of the Pyeongreo Faction, a legal opposition party in the EPRD, the Taegeuk Tigers engaged in highly effective terrorist attacks that precisely targeted government infrastructure and facilities. Among their contacts was EPRD Minister of Justice Lee Yuuki, who oversaw crucial operations aimed at infiltrating the EPRD and undermining their war effort against Indrala and the Taegeuk Tigers. As the EPRD regime began to fracture, the Taegeuk Tigers staged an abduction and execution of Minister Lee, using it as a cover to extract him from Gongmangdo and away from the hands of the EPRD.

Two months later, in December 3696, the Taegeuk Tigers launched a major rebel attack on the EPRD's primary facilities throughout Dankuk. In conjunction with these events, the Pyeongreo Faction, led by Kang Yoonseok, staged a coup, winning full control of government from the greatly weakened and fractured Zenshō socialist forces. An interim government was established in Pyeongreo and a dialogue was opened with Indrala to formally end the still ongoing war.

DankukFlag.png 대단민국
Free Republic of Dankuk

Seongtaek (Central Capital)
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