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Kyolandese Democratic Republic

Flag Coat of Arms
Flag of Kyoland State Emblem
Location of Kyoland
Location of Kyoland

이민위천 (Kyomal)
("The People are God")

Anthem "Aegukka"
Capital Bulkŭnbyŏl
Largest city Bulkŭnbyŏl
Language Kyomal
Ethnic Groups
Kyo - 97%
  others Other - 3%
Demonym Kyolandese, Kyo
Government Semi-Presidential Unitary Democratic Republic
  Legislature State Great Taehoe
President Kim Sŏng-Wŏn
Chairman Rhee Tu-Bong
Population 7,457,438 
Established March 1 5038(As Federal Subject of Mpakoala)
September 9 5051 (As PDRK)
May 1 5062 (Current Constitution)
Currency Bu (₿)
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .ky

Kyoland (Kyomal: 교선, Kyoson), officially the Kyolandese Democratic Republic (Kyo: 교선민주주의공화국), is a nation in the North Dovani region, serving as a state representative of all ethnic Kyo in the area. Roughly 7 Million people live in the nation, of which nearly 2 million - a third of the population - reside in the capital city of Bulkŭnbyŏl. Kyoland is famed for it's relative socioeconomic stability in the tumultuous post-Mpakoalan region.

Politically, Kyoland is a very ethnically homogenous society with a dark past in regards to clashes between the Degalogesan native peoples and former Dranian colonizers; from who the vast majority of Kyoland's population descend. The political foundation of the DRK can be traced back to the founding of the ertswhile Ethnic Federalist System, when Kyoland was established as an autonomous republic of the Union of Mpakoala. Following the collapse of Mpakoala the People's Democratic Republic of Kyoland was declared as an independent state, although it retained a communist political and economic system. The modern Democratic Republic was formed following the collapse of Communism in the erstwhile PDRK.

Flag Of Kyoland.png 교선민주주의공화국
Kyolandese Democratic Republic

Bulkŭnbyŏl (Capital)
Geography History Culture Economy Government
History GokyosonSakyo ConfederacyClan SystemNorth Dovanian Civil WarMarch First MovementKyo People's RevolutionCollapse of the People's Democratic Republic of KyolandTimeline of the History of Kyoland
Subdivisions Provinces: PyŏngantoRamkyŏngtoKwanghaetoHyŏngkitoHangwŏntoHyŏngsangtoChungchŏngtoCh’ŏlrato
Politics Ten ClansState Great Taehoe
Political Parties: KNP • DPK • IP • CP • PP • PRP • VTP • SDP
Demographics Religion: Sindogyo
Ethnicity: Kyo