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Democratic People's Republic of Kyorea

Flag Coat of Arms
Flag of Kyorea State Emblem
Location of Kyorea
Location of Kyorea

이민위천 (Kyomal)
("The People are God")

Anthem "Aegukka"
Capital Jinppo
Largest city Jinppo
Language Kyo
Ethnic Groups
Kyo - 97%
  others Other - 3%
Demonym Kyorean, Kyo
Government One-Party Juche Socialist State
  Legislature Supreme People's Assembly
President Kim Il-Sŏng
Chairman Kim Il-Sŏng
Population 11,234,000 
Established September 9 4991 (Founding)
Currency Bu (₿)
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .ky

The Democratic People's Republic of Kyorea (Kyo: 교선민주주의인민공화국), commonly referred to as Kyorea and selucianized and occassionally referred to as Kyoson (교선), is a socialist state in the Northern Dovani region. It was birthed in the 4990s during the Mpakoalan Wars, and was formed as a state representative of all ethnic Kyo in the area.