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Partis Laboris (Labor Party)
New party of labor logo.png
Leader Communis Ductu (Collective Leadership)
Founded May 4124
Headquarters Florentia, Kal Serathi
Nation Selucia
Ideology Left-Wing Patriotism

Social Democracy Social Liberalism Conservative Socialism

Political Position Official: Center to Center Left

Realistic: Center-Right to Center Left

International Affiliations International Social Democrats
International Alliance of the Patriotic Left
Colours Red and White
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The Labor Party was a political party in Selucia. It was founded in order to combat what was seen as the increased move to the "activist left" of In Marea, which had become extremely focused on new-left issues such as feminism and environmentalism


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The philosophy of Partis Laboris is contained in a short manifesto known as PHILOSOPHAE PARTIS LABORIS. This short manifesto contains five points, emphasizing the value of the Labor Party.

  1. The Labor Party is a socialist party in its support of a mixed economy prioritizing the rights of workers, farmers, and families.
  2. The Labor Party is a party which stands by the cultural traditions of Selucia, respecting our past and future. We seek to re-Selucize our culture, while respecting diversity and differences. We are patriots, but not nationalists.
  3. The Labor Party respects the rights of provinces, as far as reason dictates. Labor seeks to allow provinces to have autonomy in many moral issues which are not of a grave nature
  4. The Labor Party is a staunch advocate and defender of philosophic and religious free practice, yet the Labor Party stands with the Patriarchal Church and Religio Selucia in their status as state religions, and will defend their privileges
  5. The Labor Party is a party of working people, and its prerogative is to defend their interests


The Labor Party is remarkable at enforcing party unity, however, there are several identifiable currents of thought within the party.


The Aurorianii are named for long-serving Consul of the People Tullius Aurorianus Palea. They are more authoritarian, and tend to resemble traditional social democrats, with a great deal of patriotism and conservative socialist influences. They tend to be mainstream, and even those who don't conform to this branch within party leadership hail themselves as Aurorianii

Sociales Seluciansis[]

Selucian Socialists: social democrats and social-liberals. Titus Adonibalus is a key example. The young people who support the party primarily support this faction, but it enjoys mutual support from Aurorianii at election time.


Selucian for "Metzists". They are left wing to far left infiltrators, who join to compete in elections and attempt to push a Metzist-Leonidist or Kaminskiist agenda within the party. Mostly reviled, they rarely are able to manage to eke out simple and minor policy concessions by gumming up the work at conventions. Very small group

Affiliated Unions[]

There are several unions affiliated with Partis Laboris

Election Results[]

  • 4127: [1] 344/750 Seats. Martia Campona Auricomania was Election leader. Tullius Aurorianus Palea elected Consul. Majority Coalition Formed
  • 4131 344/750 Seats. Coalition formed. T. Aurorianus Palea elected Consul