A Labour Party is usually a political party based on advancing the rights of workers and/or Trade Unions, hence the term 'Labour'. Often, this means that a Labour Party holds left-wing or socialist views but this is not always the case and there are notable exceptions to the rule. The colour red is commonly associated with Labour Parties as well as the symbol of a rose.

The name 'Labour Party' is widely used internationally, some examples can be found below:

Party Nation Foundation
Labour Party Kalistan May 4052
Labour Party Selucia February 3934
Labour Party Darnussia 2375
Left Party of Cobura-
The Labour Party (LPC)
Cobura October 3207
Labour Party Kazulia 3882
Labour Party of Kanjor Kanjor 3037
Labour Party Rutania 2571
National Labour Party Solentia 3820
Labour Party Hutori 2932
Labour Party Cildania 4187
Labour Party Likatonia 4698
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