The Istalian Labour Party (Istalian: Partito Laburista Istaliano, Majatran: حزب العمل الإيطالي, translit. hizb aleamal al'iistalii) and referred to by supporters as "I Lupi" (The Wolves) is an Istalian political party. The party advocates for a democratic socialist and populist political agenda. It was founded at the Extraordinary Session of the Istalian Left in Nepoli on the 25th June 4404.

Ideology Edit

The PLI is a radical and progressive party with a democratic socialist and populist political agenda. It's ideology is summed up by the party's slogan, "Servi il Popolo!" (Serve the People). 

Economically the party supports an increase in state intervention. It advocates for the implementation of a mixed economy with a strong emphasis on public ownership of essential industries. It seeks to invest tax money into sectors of the economy which need additional funding, and supports the implementation of a strong co-operative sector, as well as workplace democracy.

Socially the party advocates for a strong welfare state with free higher education, a national health service and a stable state funded pensions scheme. It supports the creation of a progressive society and is a strong advocate of social justice across racial, sexual and class boundaries.

Politically the party advocates for transparency in government and the implementation of a non-partisan civil service. It is anti-corruption, and seeks stronger laws to control collaboration between the state and private sector at the expense of the general public.

The party has a strong protectionist and civic nationalist base, advocating for state sovereignty and cooperation between all the nations of Terra, but not at the expense of the Istalian people.

 The party is anti-intervention, and seeks to achieve change abroad through political, social and economic cooperation rather than through violence. The party is skeptical of immigration, seeking a quota based system with nationality determined by ancestry rather than naturalisation.

Party Organisation Edit

 The party's main organisational body is the National Executive Committee (NEC). The National Executive Committee consists of representatives from each of the different constituency branches of the party. The NEC votes collectively in electing the Chair and First Vice-Chair, as well as all the other members of the Central Committee. 

The Central Committee (CC) is the collective leadership of the party elected by the NEC at annual Sessions. It includes the Chair and First Vice-Chair, as well as several other prominent positions in the party.

The Chairperson of the Central Committee, is the overall leader and the main spokesperson of the party nationally. The First Vice-Chairperson's is the party's second-in-command and is elected simultaneously to the chairperson.

The party's national newsletter is Voto Rosa (The Rose Vote), which reports on party events and news from a left wing perspective.

Name Portrait Party Faction Leadership Age (election-resignation) Public Office
1 Davino Bartone Davino Bartone Democratic Socialist 4404- 43- President of the Council: 4408-4412

Electoral HistoryEdit

President of the RepublicEdit

President of the Republic
Round 1
Round 2
 %  %

Chamber of DeputiesEdit

Chamber of Deputies
Number of votes
% votes
Total votes
4406 7,948,683 74,603,387 13.16
67 / 505
new 2nd Government


4410 6,007,871 60,059,113 10.10
51 / 505
Decrease -16 5th Government


4414 7,823,232 61,141,574 12.80
65 / 505
Increase +14 3rd TBD


Senate of the Republic
4406 None
14 / 100
new 2nd
4410 None
4 / 100
Decrease -10 5th

Institutional positions held by party exponentsEdit

President of the RepublicEdit


President of the Council of MinistersEdit

Davino Bartone Davino Bartone 4408-4412

Positions into the Council of MinistersEdit

Government's member
Name Minster
Paula Bernardino Food and Agriculture April 4408-May 4412 Cabinet Bartone
Massimo Tocci Trade and Industry
Michele Pisano Internal Affairs May 4412- Cabinet Renzo
Valentino Sal Science and Technology
Maria Rua Environment and Tourism