City Motto Sub Corona Manebo (I shall remain under the Crown)
Mayor Hadrian von Lexicon (KHP)
Region Budenlar
Population 12,500,000

The city of Labsburg is the capital city of Budenlar, Greater Hulstria. Labsburg is the largest city in Budenlar and one of the largest in Greater Hulstria; there are over 12 million inhabitants. The city was named after the influential Labsburg family during the Colonial Hulstrian period, a dynasty that still continues today.

Labsburg is the home to two of the largest Automobile producers in not only Hulstria but on the entire continent of Dovani; Adler General Automobile and Budenlar Motor Works have their headquarters stationed here and have my outlets within the city, and throughout the Crownland itself and nation.


Labsburg current mayor is Hadrian von Lexicon of the Imperial Hulstrian Party. The city has a nearly unbroken history of Imperial Hulstrian governments since the restoration of the 3rd Imperial Crownlands in 2551, Labsburg remains a hub for conservative politicians within Budenlar and the majority of the population label themselves as either centre or far left in the political specturm.


Labsburg has one of the strongest economies in the Imperial Crownlands in Greater Hulstria and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Labsburg is considered a "global city" because of the many foreign companies investing and/or having headquarters in the city. The Automobile Industry strives within Budenlar and many automobile producers have factories stationed within Labssurg. The "Budenlar Motor Works" and the "Adler General Automobile", two of Dovani's largest automobile producers, have their headquarters in the city. Labsburg is considered the capital of the Automobile Industry on Dovani and a sizeable portion of the population is employed to at least one car company. Many foreign automobile companies have outlets within the city as well.

The profit made by these car companies are vital for the Budenlar regional, as well for the whole national, economy; the car companies bring in over 100s of billions of crowns into the economy. The banking, brewing, publishing, and transportation industry have a good say within the city economy too. Hulstria's largest publishing company, the Imperial Book Enterprise, is headquarted in Labsburg. Inner city Labsburg is home to the banking and financial where most of the population living there works in the stock market, investment banking, and various jobs relating to finance.


  • University of Labsburg
  • Rothsdorf School of Medicine
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