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The three officially recognised languages of the Confederation of New Endralon, Kizenia and Kuzaki are Kizenian, Zyldavian and Kuzaki. Kizenian is the most popular of these three languages and is used for most government and official business. Zyldavian and Kuzaki are primarily spoken by their respective communities.


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The Kizenian language (limba Chizână) is the most commonly spoken language, and the de-facto main language of Kizenia, spoken by more than 70% of the population. Kizenia is the only nation in the world with a significant population of Kizenian speakers.

Kizenian is considered the form of the Ushalandan language as spoken in Kizenia, and the two differ primarily in terms of the writing system (Ushalandan uses the Tokundian alphabet, while Kizenian is written in the Selucian alphabet) and some vocabulary (Ushalandan is more archaic than Kizenian). Together, Ushalandan and Kizenian are considered a pluricentric language. Kizenian has acquired many loanwords from both of the other major Kizenian languages historically, however, particularly in the arena of the sciences and technology, where the words are more likely than not to be Kuzaki or Zyldavian in origin. The writing system of Kizenia is a modified Selucian alphabet, based on the Endralonian script with modified diacritical symbols to reflect the variations of different sounds which Endralonian would have represented by a single symbol.


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Zyldavian (Zyldavisze täl), the Keris sub-dialect of Endralonian, is the main language of the Zyldavs, and was once the language of government and higher education, during the Colonial and the Communist eras of the nation's existence. It is still officially recognized, and an important tongue in scholarly endeavors and international diplomacy and business, as it (and closely related languages) are spread throughout Terra. Its use is mainly concentrated in Sodali Province.


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The Kuzaki language (Kuzaki tili) is the main language of the Kuzakis. It has bee speculated that it may be distantly related to the Gao-Indralan Languages due to the presence of several common grammatical features and similarities in vocabulary. The inclusion of the Kuzaki language within the Gao-Indralan language family is supported by a minority of linguists. Kuzaki tili is the third semi-official language of Kizenia. The language has undergone a revival since 2700, after spending centuries as an underground, and heavily discriminated against, language.


A small minority of speakers of the other languages of Keris can be found in some of the cities of Kizenia.

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