Law enforcement in Istalia is handled by a variety of agencies which are underneath the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Finance.

Ministry of InteriorEdit

Department of Public SecurityEdit

Department of Public Security is a division of the Ministry of the Interior whose functions are the implementation of public order and security policy; technical-operational coordination of police forces; the management and administration of the State Police; the management and management of technical and logistic supports. The Department's tasks include also the the classification, analysis and evaluation of data for the protection of public order and security and for the prevention and repression of crime. At its summit is the Director General of Public Security.

State PoliceEdit

Minister of JusticeEdit

Penitentiary PoliceEdit

Mainly it carries out the task of managing people subjected to provisions restricting or restricting personal freedom. The Corps guarantees the enforcement of provisions restricting personal freedom, guarantees public order and safeguards the security within penitentiary institutions, participates in the activities of observation and treatment of prisoners, their translation from penitentiary to penitentiary, in courtrooms for carrying out the processes and at external places of care, and in case of hospitalization it performs the service of piantonament.

Ministry of DefenceEdit

National GendarmerieEdit

Ministry of FinanceEdit

Financial PoliceEdit

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