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Lider Sodruzhestva
Lіder Spіvdruzhnostі
Leiter der Gemeinschaft
Johtaja Kansainyhteisön
Leader of Commonwealth

Standart of the Leader
Term Length 3 Years
Appointer Dierct popular vote
Formation 12 May 3347
Inaugural Holder Miko Lahtinen
Residence House Alpha

The Leader of the Commonwealth is the elected Head of State of Trigunia. The position was created on 12 May 3347.

Powers of Leader of the Commonwealth[]

The leader's greatest power is their ability to choose the Chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly. However, since only the Assembly has the power to dismiss the Chairman and his/her government, the leader is forced to accept the Chairman who can command the support of a majority in the Assembly. When the majority of the Assembly has opposite political views to that of the leader, this leads to political cohabitation. In that case, the leader's power is diminished, since much of the de facto power relies on a supportive Chairman and Assembly, and is not directly attributed to the post of president.

When the majority of the Assembly sides with him/her, the Leader can take a more active role and may, in effect, direct government policy. The Chairman is then the personal choice of the President, and can be easily replaced if the administration becomes unpopular. Among the powers of the government:

  • The leader names the Chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly but cannot dismiss him/her as well as can name most officials within the Cabinet, with permission from the Chairman.
  • The leader may dissolve the Supreme People's Assembly with the consent of the majority of the Assembly
  • All decisions of the leader must be countersigned by the Chairman, except dissolving the Assembly and holding a snap election, such an action must be agreed upon by the majority in the Assembly as stated above & actions of the military
  • The leader may refer treaties or certain types of laws to the Assembly with the agreement of the Chairman
  • The leader is the Commander-in-Chief (CINC) of the armed forces and may order the use of nuclear weapons in times of war
  • The leader receive foreign ambassadors & appoint national ambassadors
  • The leader may grant a pardon (but not an amnesty) to convicted criminals; the president can also lessen or suppress criminal sentences

List of Leaders of Commonwealth[]

Picture Name Party Term
Miko.jpg Mikko Lahtinen Kansanyhteisö
People's Community
12 May 3347 - 08 December 3348
Female Camera Shy wbgd.png Katherine Graconova Oriental Felinists of Trigunii
08 December 3348 - 12 December 3351
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Vladimir Mihaylov Triguniye Natsionalisticheskoy Partii
Trigunian Nationalist Party
12 December 3351 - 16 January 3360
Male Camera Shy wbgd.PNG Vladimir Tradinsky Milratskiy Avtonomiya Voyska
Milratian Autonomy Forces
16 January 3360 - 15 May 3361
Walter.jpg Walter Lüth Kansanyhteisö
People's Community
15 May 3361 - 05 May 3364
Miko.jpg Mikko Lahtinen Kansanyhteisö
People's Community
05 May 3364

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