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League of Justice
Party Leader
Lucas Manon
1 March, 3450
Iglesia Mayor, Ulbrach
Student Wing
{{{Student Wing}}}
Youth Wing
Retsforbundets Ungdom
Social Liberalism, Cultural Radicalism, Republicanism, Environmentalism, Pacifism
International Affiliation
International Centrist Alliance
Official Color
Political Position
Centre to Centre-Left
Seats in Parliament
82 / 399
Governorships of Dranish Provinces
1 / 5
www.retsforbundet.dr [1]
(Politics of Republic of Dranland)
(Political parties of Republic of Dranland)
(Elections of Republic of Dranland)

The League of Justice (Kazulian: Retsforbundet) is a political party in Dranland. The party was founded in 3450 in Kazulia but large parts of the party fled to the neighboring country Dranland in 3480. Its political position in the centre, has made it an importan player in both Kazulian and Dranish politics.

Party InformationEdit

The League of Justice is a social liberal party which is in opposition to conservatism. The party supports extended individual rights, a welfare state, sustainable growth, internationalism and pacifism. The party's political leader is Lucas Manon, it has 82 members in the Dranish Parliament and it maintains control over one governorship in Dranland.

Government Participations and Election ResultsEdit

The League of Justice has not been and is not one of the largest parties in Kazulia, its average election results is around 10% which has given it the balance of power. The party has been parts of centre-left and centre-right government. It participated in governments with De venstregrønne the first years after its founding, but this changed due to De venstregrønnes swing to the left. This made the League of Justice participate in governments with the Logic Viewpoint and the Indigo League. This relationship did however also turn cold due to some issues about the Indigo League's unwillingness to negotiate about an economical bill.

Kazulia has had one Prime Minister from the League of Justice, Bárður Hentze. This legislative term with him as the Prime Minister did however not turn out well; the then cabinet collapsed and Bárður Hentze stepped down as Prime Minister and as party leader. The League of Justice has however held many ministries through the time even though they have not been the largest party, this is due to their hold of the balance of power. Many analytics believe that the League of Justice will keep on holding the balance of power in the future even though other parties have emerged.

Party leadersEdit

Name Term Notes
Bárður Hentze 3450-3467 Founder, former Foreign Minister and former Statsminister in Kazulia
Jenny Maria Jørgensen 3467-3475 Former Minister of Education and Culture in Kazulia
Lucas Manon 3475-present Current President of Dranland
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