Left Party
Leader Collective
Founded 3297
Headquarters Royal Hillsborough
Nation Keymon
Ideology Feinism
Political Position Left-wing
International Affiliations Socialist International
Colours FF0000

The Left Party is a socialist and feinist political party in Keymon. It was founded in 3297 by Mark Fein, when a group of Socialist Party members decided to form their own party.


The Left Party is a wide political party, including different politicians and activists ranging from communists to social democrats. However, the party is officially a feinist political party. According to the party's founding constitution of 3297, this is an ideology that satisfies social democrats, socialists, communists and anarchists.


The party was founded in 3297 after a large conflict internal in the Socialist Party, which resulted in the departure of Mark Fein, who was the party's leader, and who also became leader of the new Left Party in 3297. The conflict was mainly about the recently introduced feinist ideology. Despite being Mark Fein and his allies' (those who left) preferred ideology, the Socialist Party remained feinist even after a majority of the feinist members had left.

The Left has also since its foundation been a de facto ally of several Keymonite trade unions, even though the now minor Socialist Party officially is the country's workers party.

The party started out as a major party, in fact in the first election it took part in, it won 93 seats in Congress, though it was excluded from government. The first elections it participated in, it also became the largest party in Congress by far.

The party did not contest in any elections after 3202, and has shrunk ever since it was abandoned most by most its voters that year.

Election resultsEdit

Year Votes Percentage Seats Position
3298 4,651,767 40.34%
93 / 230
Largest, opposition
3299 4,170,070 35.27%
82 / 239
Largest, opposition
3202 1,596,721 13.54%
31 / 230
Third largest

List of party leadersEdit

  • Mark Fein - 3297-3303
  • Collective - 3203-present