The Left for Progress (or Left for Progress Party this is not evident; shortly just Progress) is a centre-left political party in Luthori. They voters is mostly the youths, who grow up in the reign of the conservative White Rose.

The party was formed in December, 4728, so the Progress is the youngest political movement in Luthori. They first election will at July, 4729.

The founded of the Progress

The Party from Shipleyriding, the most progressive region of Luthori. Exact, the Party from the city of Clamfeld. An immigrant from Alduria, Collot Emmillion was a professor of the local university. He was a litterateur professor, he was write a lot of writings against the conservative government in the Clamfeld Newspaper, the University Times, and to the larger Shipleyriding Morning. Some of his readers was contacted him to create a party for the centre-left, liberal people. Emmillion was thinking, but accepted the proposal. And they was create this. This party is the Progress.

The Party founded in the Clamfeld Republic University. Founding members:

  • Collot Emmillion (age 35)
  • Louisa Wood (age 25)
  • Xander Fletcher (age 21)
  • Calvin Brooks (age 30)
  • Ella-Rose Hughes (age 32)
  • William Hughes (age 40)
  • Zahn Clarke (age 23)
  • Kyle Walsh (age 36)
  • Alyssa Mitchell (age 29)
  • Lillie Harvey (age 24)
  • Jessica Adams (age 19)
  • Dakota Fuller (age 20)
  • Baylee Barber (age 18)
  • Jasmine Murray (age 26)

The First Congress of the Delegates

The First Congress of the Delegates was at December, 4728 with the attended of the founding members. The result of the internal election for the party leadership and the position of the Supreme Super-delegate:

Candidate Votes
Collot Emmilion 12 vote
William Hughes 2 vote

The winner was Emmillion and after the election he become the Supreme Super-delegate of the Progress to December, 4730.

After the internal election they create the Internal Rules of the Left for Progress Party what the membership unanimously accepted.

The Second Congress of the Delegates

The Second Congress of the Delegates was at January, 4729 with attended of 5,00 new party delegate. (Because after the First Congress the Party was expanded in the whole country and for the time of the Second Congress the Progress's had 5,500 party members and five regional organizations.)

The Second Congress was appointed the Progress's candidates for the election at July, 4729. There is two proposals for the candidates, one from the Social Democratic Party Fraction, and an another from the Centrist Party Fraction. The Social Democratic Party Fraction's leader is Emmillion, the Centrist Party Fraction's leader is Ella-Rose Hughes. The exact result of the voting:

Party Fraction Votes
The Social Democratic Party Fraction's proposal 398 vote
The Centrist Party Fraction's proposal 102 vote

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