Legislature of the United States
of Kanjor & La Tondelle
Législature des États-Unis de Kanjor et La Tondelle
Flag-United States of Kanjor and La Tondelle
TypeImperfect bicameral
Speaker of the SenateConstance Arlette DuPont, UHD
since 4368
Chairman of the CCNFrédéric Clovis Pillet
since 4368
Members500 Senate
48 CCN
Political groupsSenate
Political groupsCCN
  •   Culture (7)
  •   Professional (15)
  •   Industry (26)
Voting systemProportional system (Senate)
Functional Constituency (CCN)
Meeting place
Kanjor Capitol
Atyr, Silliers
Web site
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The Legislature of the United States of Kanjor & La Tondelle (Can.: Législature des États-Unis de Kanjor et La Tondelle) is the national legislative body of the United States of Kanjor & La Tondelle. It is a bicameral legislature with 500 elected members in the Senate and 48 in the National Consultative Conference.



National Consultative ConferenceEdit

The National Consultative Conference (Can. Conférence Consultatif National, abbreviated CCN) is the upper chamber of the Kanjorien legislature. It serves as a political and economic consultative body to the Senate and other State institutions. The CCN also delivers legal opinions on legislation under consideration.

While having no formal ability to present legislation, it does have the power to delay legislation passed by the Senate for no more than a calendar month in which to consider further reviews of its effects. However, the Senate could overturn this delay by a simple majority, the same majority required to pass a law in the first place.

The Conference holds 48 members self-selected by corporations representing social, economic, educational, cultural and religious institutions for a term of six years. The number of seats representing each corporate group is fixed by the constitution of Kanjor:

  • 1 consultant from the National Chamber of Commerce
  • 1 consultants from the Association for the Defense of Canrillaişe Culture
  • 2 consultants from the Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprise Associations
  • 2 consultants from Agriculture and Fisheries (24 organizations)
  • 2 consultants from Trade Unions (54 organizations)
  • 2 consultants from Performance, Culture, and Art (15 associations)
  • 2 consultants from the Aurorian Patriarchal Church, Theognosian Rite & the National Organization of Parishioners
  • 2 consultants from Professions (12 bodies)
  • 2 consultants from Education & scholars (22 bodies)
  • 2 consultants from Medicine and Health (55 associations)
  • 2 consultants from Legal (2 societies and 2 associations)
  • 2 consultants from Accountancy (98 firms, 6 associations, and 112,000 individuals)
  • 2 consultants from Architectural, Surveying, and Planning (276 firms)
  • 2 consultants from Heavy Industries (8 corporations)
  • 2 consultants from Tourism (6 associations)
  • 2 consultants from Light Industries (7 federations)
  • 2 consultants from Insurance (158 firms)
  • 2 consultants from Finance and Financial Services (112 firms)
  • 2 consultants from Wholesale and Retail (7 associations)
  • 2 consultants from Informational Technology (82 companies and corporations)
  • 2 consultants from Transportation and Shipping (46 bodies)
  • 2 consultants from Real Estate and Construction (12 associations)
  • 2 consultants from Import and export (25 companies and corporations)
  • 2 consultants from Press and Publication (6 organizations and 36 publishers)
  • 2 consultants from Institution of Engineering (243,000 individual members)

7 cult 15 lobbying/pro 26 ind/business

Flag-United States of Kanjor and La Tondelle United States of Kanjor & La Tondelle
États-Unis de Kanjor et La Tondelle

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