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Federale Vergadering
Federal Assembly
Saridani Legislature
HousesHouse of Representatives House of Federation
Speaker of the House of FederationMarene Louw, Progresiewe Party
Speaker of the House of RepresentativesMatthys Isaac, Progresiewe Party
Members465 to the Federal Assembly
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House of Federation Political groupsGovernment


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House of Representatives Political groupsGovernment


Meeting place
Saridani Legislature (Exterior)

Parliament Hall in Koeistad
Web site

The legislature of Saridan, known as the Federal Assembly (Duntrekaans: Federale Vergadering), is the unicameral supreme legislative body in Saridan.


Prior to the non-partisan constitutional reforms implemented under the TBU, the legislature was known as the People's Council (Duntrekaans: Volksraad) however the association of this name with the far-right regimes of the past led to an effort to change it by multiple political parties including the Saridan National Party and the Conservative Duntrekkers Party.


The legislature is composed of 465 representatives. Each represents a particular federal state of the country.


Elections are held every four years and use a form of proportional representation.

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Politics Elections - Judiciary - Legislature - Political parties - Supreme court
Demographics Ethnic groups: Duntrekkers, Euphitriens, Iftgoerroon, Ikpis
Religion: Restored Ameliorate Church of Saridan, Theognosian Church
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