First Cabinet of Duke Leighton Weston
Date formed27 April 4788
Date dissolved17 June 4793
People and organisations
Head of governmentDuke Leighton Weston
Member partyWhite Rose, LCP + HPL + LDL
Status in legislatureMinority government
Opposition partySP, WP, Civic Party
PredecessorFranck II Cabinet
SuccessorMarcus Weston I Cabinet

The First Cabinet of Duke Leighton Weston was the government of the Holy Luthorian Empire from April 4788 until June 4793. The cabinet is composed of the White Rose, the LCP and received confidence and supply from the LDL and the HPL. The Office of the Imperator is held by Tom Jones from the Socialist Party.

This cabinet passed economically liberal laws and socially conservative and reactionary bills.


203 / 350

Laws passed Edit

August 4788:

Abortions are only allowed in medical emergencies.

The government does not provide funding for abortions.

Euthanasia is illegal and considered murder.

September 4788:

The nation can only use chemical or biological weapons on non-civilan areas.

Defence industries are privately owned but subsidised by the state.

Open homosexuality is not tolerated in the military. The military has a "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

Only recognised religions may set up religious schools, with no regulations.

Teacher-led prayers in schools are encouraged.

Tax reform: the upper bracket with 60 % income tax is reduced.

New budget:

Defence: + 3 billions LPD

Infrastructure and Transport: + 2 billions LDP

Health and Social Services: - 1 billion LPD

Education and Culture: + 5 billions LPD

Science and Technology: + 3 billions LPD

Food and Agriculture: + 3 billions LPD

Trade and Industry: + 3 billions LPD

December 4788:

No form of positive discrimination is permitted.

The tax percentage of the profit made by corporations is decreased from 20 % to 15 %.

No employee representation is required on corporate boards

February 4789:

Gender reassignment surgery is illegal.

IVF is legal and unregulated.

June 4789:

Sales tax on luxury goods is increased from 15 % to 25 %.

Sales tax on essential goods is abolished.

Public blasphemy is considered a criminal offense.

August 4790:

Private companies operate TOCs throughout the country.

The government only recognises civil marriages between a man and a woman.

August 4791:

The state operates a compulsory public system combined with an optional private pension.

There is a national agency which owns all forests, but subcontracts the work to private companies.

The government designates ecological preservation zones but does not fund their oversight.

The government requires tree plantation at replacement level for all logging or clearance operations.

The official government position is that climate change is a problem. However we have to balance environmental protection with economic interests.

January 4792:

The nation reserves the right to use chemical or biological weapons in warfare for any reason.

All abortions are illegal.

Companies are encouraged by the government to label food and beverage products

Prostitution is illegal.

The government funds some sports clubs side-by-side with private ones.

Private schools are given funding on a case-by-case basis.

Selective schools are allowed.

October 4792:

All advertising is permitted.

The government has no policy concerning daily working hours.

Foreign investors may invest in national companies, but may not get a majority share.

November 4792:

Only open shops are legal.

Composition Edit

Office Occupant Party
Office of the Imperator Tom Jones Socialist Party (Luthori)

Position Minister Party
Office of the Imperial Seal Bearer Duke Leighton Weston White Rose
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Marquis Stinson Weston White Rose
Deputy Imperial Seal Bearer John Clay LCP
Chancellor of the Exchequer Brandon Turely LCP
Secretary of State for Defence Elaine Stinson White Rose
Chancellor of Justice Paige Weston White Rose
Secretary of State for the Home Department Jim Glenn LCP
Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Mike Stassen LCP
Secretary of State for Education James Speed LCP
Secretary of State for Food and Rural Affairs Anthony Hurd LCP
Secretary of State for the Environment and Tourism Aarron Barr LCP
Secretary of State for International Trade and Industry Michael Jenkins White Rose
Office Occupant Party
Speaker of the House John Detmer WP
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