Leon Müller (born October 2308-November 2378) was president of Barmenistan from 2347 to 2368. He was the founder of the Just Freedom Party of the Barmenian People (BRLP).

Background Edit

Leon Müller was born October 2308 in Kathura. His parents, Niclas Müller and Emily Klein, were primary school teachers.

After graduating from secondary school in 2325, he attended the University of Kathura from which he received his BA in 2329, MA in 2330, and Ph.D. in 2334.

Academic career Edit

From 2330 to 2347 Müller worked as a lecturer at the History Department of the University of Kathura, and in 2344 he was made a Professor.

Political career Edit

Müller began his political career when in December 2336 he founded the Just Freedom Party of the Barmenian People (BRLP). He was elected president of Barmenistan in September 2347 with 50.86% and in September 2350 with 57.94% of the popular vote.

He was reelected with 100% of the popular vote in the uncontested presidential election of September 2353, but the BRLP's simultaneous parliamentary election defeat resulted in calls for his resignation as party leader. However, his handling of a diplomatic crisis with Endralon during that term won him back the support of many critics within his party, and he was again reelected with 100% of the popular vote in the uncontested elections of September 2356 and September 2359.

In September 2362 another candidate campaigned against him in a presidential election for the first time in 13 years and reduced his share of the popular vote to 99.96%, but more importantly the BRLP won the parliamentary election and consequently the calls for his resignation as party leader were totally silenced. Three years later he won 99.91% of the popular vote in the presidential election.

His decision immediately after to commit Barmenian troops to battle in Wantuni proved costly, though, as a majority of the electorate quickly objected to the casualties suffered. In September 2368 he was reelected with 100% of the popular vote in another uncontested presidential election, but the BRLP suffered a humiliating parliamentary election defeat. Two months later Dr. Müller announced his intentions to retire from politics by the end of the term and simultaneously stepped down as leader of the BRLP.

Bibliography Edit

  • History of Barmenistan (2345)
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