Liam Andrew Sorenson (born January 10th 4665) is the current and first leader of the Naval Party of Hutori. He was a Secretary General of We are based around Naval Personnel (WNP). He was a 2nd Vice President of NPH under President Mark Cruz's Leadership.

Liam Sorenson

Official Picture of Liam Sorenson

1st President of the Naval Party of Hutori
In office
Feb 5th, 4695 – April 5th, 4695 ^
Serving with
Mark Cruz (March 4695-April 5th 4695)
Preceded by
None- New office
Succeeded by
Mark Cruz

Secretary General of We are based around Naval Personnel (WNP)
In office
March 4th, 4695 – April 4th, 4696 ^
Serving with
Mark Freedom (March 4695-April 4696)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Mark Freedom

2nd Vice President of Naval Party of Hutori
In office
April 5th, 4695• – October 21st, 4695
Serving with
Mark Cruz (President)
Preceded by
Mark Cruz
Succeeded by
Jill Summer

3rd President of Naval Party of Hutori
In office since
Oct 21st, 4695
Serving with
Jill Summer (Feb 4696-)
Preceded by
Mark Cruz (Died in office)

Liam Andrew Sorenson January 10th, 4665 (age: 31 yrs)
Political party
Naval Party of Hutori (President/ 4695-)
Wendy Sorenson (m:4685-)
Alma Mater
Teacher (Ret.), Politician
^ Resigned

• Wounded

Prior to PoliticsEdit

Liam is former teacher in hometown and the nation's capital Bekenial, Adelia, Hutori. He started work in Sept 6th, 4683 until his retirement in Jun 6th, 4690 after been a teacher for 7 yrs as a high school Social Studies. 

 Attempted AssassinationEdit

Liam was head to work on July 7th, 4695 when a random person walks behind him and shot him in the back of his leg. He walked into the store that was near by and asked for help and was rushed to the hospital and successful survived the attempted assassination. 

Return to Presidency of NPHEdit

After President Cruz was shot and killed by unknown shooter in a drive by-shooting on the way to work this morning. Vice President Sorenson assumes all Party Presidency again months after resign from the position earlier 4695. He has set up a Constitution of the Naval Party of Hutori. 

List of Government PositionEdit

Liam has none so far.

Name of the Position Took Office Left Office Preceeded By Succeeded By
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