Liberal-Democratic Party
Leader Avicenna Averroes
Founded 2686
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Headquarters Bekenial
Nation Athlorcaea
Ideology Social Liberalism/Social Democracy
Political Position Centre Left
International Affiliations International Human Rights Movement, World Peace Society
International Secularist Society, YES TO DEMOCRACY!
Colours Dark Goldenrod

The Liberal-Democratic Party is a political party in The Free Territories of Central Macon (Athlorcaea). It is a party based around four important ideas: Democracy, Liberty, Peace and Equality. It was founded in 2686 by Mali Wallok in Kenai, and has consistently played a signficant role in Athlorcaean politics since.

Policies Edit

The LDP is socially liberal and economically leftist, supporting progressive social reforms, equality and a mixed economy.

The LDP is in favour of:

  • Same-sex marriages
  • Abortion rights
  • Equality for all genders and races
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Welfare, subsidised housing, social security and other social programs
  • Secularism
  • Unions, employment standards and other pro-worker measures
  • Environmental protection
  • Nuclear energy

The LDP is opposed to:

  • Aggresive military intervention
  • The manufacture or use of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or land-mines
  • Child labour
  • Decentralization of legislative power
  • Fascism, monarchism, marxism and other authoritarian ideologies
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