Liberal Bloc
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Fort William, Luthori
Holy Luthorian Empire
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Current: Liberalism, economic liberalism, progressivism
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Current: Center
Imperial Diet
0 / 150
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0 / 500

The Liberal Bloc is a centrist party in Luthori. The party formerly known as "Luthorian Democratic Union" which initially promoted a far-right nationalist ideology was founded in 4598 and dissolved in 4600. The party was revived again in 4711 and had substantial electoral successes from the 4710's. In 4727, the party was renamed "Bloc of the Left" and decides to support a left-wing ideology. In 4729, the party renames itself "Liberal Bloc" and distanciates itself from the left, supporting a liberal ideology. The party dissolved again in 4731.

History Edit

Foundation and dissolution (4599-4600) Edit

The party is founded in 4598. It gains 6.52 % of the votes in the 4599 election and 36 seats. Following leadership and funding problems, the party dissolves in 4600, leaving empty seats and triggering an early election in 4601.

Refoundation (4711-4717) Edit

In 4711, the party is revived by Nicholas Ferina. It gains 4.96 % of the votes in 4712 and 15 seats in the Imperial Diet. This result does not allow the party to gain governmental positions and it stays in the opposition to the Hamm I Cabinet until 4717.

Electoral successes (4717-4727) Edit

The party gains a sudden boost in national support in 4717 and gains 19.85 % of the votes, quadrupling its previous result, and becomes the second party of the People's Republic.

The LDU participates in the T. Weston IV Cabinet, which initiated the Second Restoration of the Empire and also passed reactionary and theocratic laws.

The cabinet loses its majority in 4722, with 70 seats out of 150. It is the start of a major political crisis with two other elections in 4723 and 4724, due to dissolving parties.

The LDU comes out nonetheless as the as the winner of the political crisis and becomes the first party of the country in 4724 with 24.57 % of the votes. The political crisis cannot last longer and an emergency cabinet to take care of the current issues is formed with Nicholas Ferina, the president of the LDU at its head.

Ideological shift (4727-4729) Edit

In, 4727, the party decided to change its name to "Bloc of the Left and started to promote a left-wing progressive ideology and started to support the policies of many left-wing parties in the nation.

The party is included in the Bat-Elle I Cabinet in 4728 with two ministerial posts.

In 4729, the party wins the first presidential election of the second Republic of Luthori with Michael Hewitt against the blank candidate filled by White Rose.

However, the party loses the parliamentary election and gains only 18 seats and 12.88 % of the votes. After the election, the party renames itself "Liberal Bloc" and starts promoting centrist, liberal policies.

Presidential crisis (4730) Edit

The party is at the head of a presidential crisis in 4730 as the president elect Michael Hewitt makes an international press release criticizing the T. Weston V Cabinet and calling for sanctions to be imposed on Luthori. The T. Weston V Cabinet responded in another international press release stating their intention to "censure" the President of the Republic Michael Hewitt and that the President does not hold any real power.

The President Michael Hewitt responded in May 4730 and appealed on all nations to censure the government.

Dissolution (4731) Edit

In 4731, the party dissolved again due to financing problems. The LB parliamentarians lost their 18 seats.

Electoral Results Edit

Parliamentary elections Edit

Date Votes Seats Status Position
# % +/- # +/-
4599 4,304,996 6.52 New
39 / 600
Increase 39 In opposition 8th
Revival in 4711
4712 3,180,277 4.96 New
15 / 350
Increase 15 In opposition 6th
4717 12,897,325 19.85 Increase 14.89 %
30 / 150
Increase 15 T. Weston IV 2nd
4722 12,282,659 18.82 Decrease 1.03 %
29 / 150
Decrease 1 T. Weston IV 3rd
4723 13,264,033 20.61 Increase 1.79 %
32 / 150
Increase 3 T. Weston IV 2nd
4724 16,414,992 24.57 Increase 3.96 %
37 / 150
Increase 5 Ferina I (4725-4726) 1st
In opposition (4726-4728)
Bat-Elle I (4728-4729)
Bloc of the left
4729 8,496,060 12.88 Decrease 11.68 %
18 / 150
Decrease 19 In opposition 3rd
Liberal Bloc
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