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Liberal Democratic Party
Party Leader
Holy Luthorian Empire
Student Wing
Liberal Democratic Students
Youth Wing
The Young Liberals
Liberalism, Classical liberalism, Social liberalism, Neoliberalism, Conservative Liberalism, Free Market Capitalism, Centrism, Laissez-Faire Capitalism. Third Way
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
Center to center-right
Imperial Diet
0 / 600
Duchies Held
0 / 5

The Liberal Democratic Party is a political party in Luthori founded in 4405. The party advocates classical liberalism, as well as defending the rights of individuals.

The party is revived in 4763 and dissolved again in 4765.

History Edit

The party was disbanded in 4483. But re-entered the political arena in 4635 at the October 4635 election, gaining more than 10 % of the votes and 63 seats in the Imperial Diet.

The party decides to enter in the Franklin IV Cabinet.

In 4640, after a few years in the opposition following the fall of the Franklin IV Cabinet, the party continues to grow and becomes the third party.

It then joins the Hopkins I Cabinet.

In the next election, in 4644, the party suffers from its first defeat and loses 40 seats.

In 4645, the LDP decides to leave the Hopkins I Cabinet, which was now acting as a caretaker cabinet and calls for an early election.

The LDP becomes the first party in Luthori following the election, with an historic score.

It then decides to join the Sanders Cabinet, with the far-right HLC and the right-wing CP.

The dissolution of the party in 4648, following leadership problems led to the 4649 early election.

Electoral Results Edit

Year Votes % +/- Seats +/- Position Government
October 4635 6,846,990 10.50 New
63 / 600
Increase 63 7th Franklin IV
4638 8,823,738 13.28 Increase 2.79 %
79 / 600
Increase 16 4th In opposition
4640 11,651,013 17.77 Increase 4.48 %
106 / 600
Increase 27 3rd Hopkins I
4644 7,341,403 11.32 Decrease 6.45 %
66 / 600
Decrease 40 4th Hopkins I
4645 13,941,922 22.10 Increase 10.78 %
132 / 600
Increase 66 1st Sanders
4765 4,725,354 7.43 New
11 / 150
Increase 11 5th In opposition
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