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Liberal Loyalist Party (LLP)
LLP logo.png
Leader Sergio Conte
Conte Sergio.jpg
Founded April 4139
Dissolved Before 4179
Headquarters Wandering
Nation Cildania
Ideology Libertarianism, Social-Liberalism, Skepticism, Internationalism, Secularism
Political Position Center-Left
International Affiliations Peace Organisation
Website mostsereneparty.cr

History[edit | edit source]

The Liberal Loyalist Party emerged from the Trade-Republic party after they succeeded to reorganize the country. In fact the Trade-Republic was originally known as the Anti-Yeudish movement to remove any influence from the yeudish minority and the former dictatorship.

Tray Northburg[edit | edit source]

The first leader and doge of the new Most Serene Republic of Cildania was Tray Nortburg. He marked a special point for the party because they he brought the party to the top of its power.

One of the remarkable achievements of Tray Northburg was to get re-elected three times in a row. After that he announced his resignation and named his successor. (Sergio Conte)

Policies[edit | edit source]

The Liberal Loyalist Party sees itself as centrist with a slight leftist influence. In fact they are fiscally right but socially extreme liberal. A rather fascinating part of their party programe is to ban all forms of religion. The party stated that they think religions were allways the tools of the mighty and rich to reign over the poor and weak.

They support any form of de-regulation and favor a big spending in the Trade & Industry sector.

Important Personalities[edit | edit source]

Name Portrait Time Role
Tray Northburg
Northburg Tray.jpg
April 4139 - May 4150 Doge & Party Leader
Sergio Conte
Conte Sergio.jpg
May 4150 - Present Doge & Party Leader
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