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Liberale Partei
Leader Heinrich Mündler
Founded 4612
Dissolved N/A
Headquarters Weinsedorf
Nation Federal Republic of Dorvik
Ideology Social Liberalism
Political Position Centre
International Affiliations {{{international}}}
Colours FFAC33

The Liberale Partei was founded in 4612 by Frederick Richt, a former solicitor, who believed that many parties in the Federal Republic were too radical on both the left and right.

At first not many people were interested in the LP, but in 4613 the membership grew by one hundred members, which was a big boost for the small party. Richt began to introduce some order into the party, establishing the Executive Council as the main body in charge of elections and keeping order.

In the same year the first leadership election was held, with more than half the parties nearly five hundred members voting for him.

Richt stood down in January 4614 and Heinrich Mundler succeeded him as leader of the Liberale Partei.


The Liberale Partei is a centrist party, that follows an ideology of Social Liberalism and Liberal Democracy.

The LP opposes most right-wing parties, and though it prefers them over the right, it is also opposed to left-wing parties.

Electoral History

The party won 52 seats in the March 4614 general election, with Heinrich Mundler being elected as the leader of the parliamentary party.

This dropped to 50 seats in the election in November of that year.

In September 4615, the LP gained a 81 seats, taking their total to 131, in a surprise landslide. They endorsed Stephen Mandel of Solidarität, who subsequently won the Presidential Elections.

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