Liberal Party of Hutori
LeaderPatrick Grant
ChairpersonHon. Rosalie Woodbury
House LeaderAndrew Wells
FounderRt. Hon. Patrick Wayne
FoundedJuly 1st, 4702
HeadquartersSuite 1000; 350 Ross Avenue, Federal District of Bekenial
Think tankThe Probert Institute
Youth wingYoung Liberals of Hutori
IdeologySocial Liberalism, Fiscal Pragmatism, Monarchism
Political positionCentre-Left
Regional affiliationLiberal Party of Roccato & the Isle of Sutton,

Liberal Party of Kenai, Liberal Party of Adelia, Liberal Party of Lagard,

Liberal Party of Falristan
House of Parliament
12 / 405
Provincial Premierships
0 / 5
Cabinet Positions
0 / 13

The Liberal Party of Hutori is a major Hutorian political Party that has existed in various iterations throughout Hutorian history. It current version was founded by Patrick Wayne in 4702 as a backlash against the ruling mostly conservative coalition that governed Hutori. It has spent most of it's existence on the Government benches and is one of only four political parties in Hutorian history that has governed by itself with a majority mandate in a multi-party election. It is currently the Official Opposition and is lead by the Honourable Tina Warawa.

History Edit

Founding Edit

At the turn of the 48th century, Hutori had been ruled intermittently mostly by a conservative and right leaning coalition of parties. Without any serious left wing alternatives, they mostly ran Hutori with impunity. Sick of the status quo, prominent businessman, Patrick Wayne founded the Liberal Party and it's five provincial affiliates with his own personal financial resources, formerly founding the six Parties on July 1st, 4702.

Wayne Era Edit

Early Years Edit

With the formal founding of the Party, Wayne ran in a by-election, winning his first seat in the House in Tremaine Centre, a seat he would ultimately keep for the remainder of his Parliamentary career. He put significant effort as the sole Liberal MP for the first two years, gaining fame for his unabashed left wing social views, and garnering support throughout Hutori in time to contest the 4704 Hutorian General Election. Just prior to the election, the far left Ultrackian Socialist Party was reformed, which stole the majority of the Left Wing vote. The 4704 Election ended with the Liberals in last, however, in order to keep the Ultrackians out of power, a Coalition was formed out of the Liberals, the Naval Party and the Royalists. In addition, the Liberals formed a minority government in Falristan and the Official Opposition in Lagard.

Provincial Wings Edit

The Liberal Party of Hutori is formally the parent Party of the five Liberals Parties in each of Hutori's provinces. While they are all lead by their own President and Board, with their own Leaders, they are ultimately subordinate to the Federal Party in Bekenial.

Party Leader Seats/Total Status
Liberal Party of Roccato & the Isle of Sutton Simon Fraser
0 / 81
Un-Elected Party
Liberal Party of Kenai Hon. Katelyn Parnell
2 / 81
Fifth Party
Liberal Party of Adelia Hon. Jeffery Paulson
5 / 81
Fifth Party
Liberal Party of Lagard Eric Dawson
3 / 81
Fifth Party
Liberal Party of Falristan Quintin Boone
3 / 81
Fifth Party

Leaders Edit

Name Picture Term Start Term End Highest Position
Rt. Hon. Patrick Wayne Patrick Wayne July 4702 March 4716 Prime Minister of the Commonwealth
Rt. Hon. Rebecca Dawson Rebecca Dawson March 4716 May 4725 Prime Minister of the Commonwealth
Rt. Hon. Matthew Whitmore Matthew Whitmore May 4725 December 4736 Prime Minister of the Commonwealth
Hon. Rose Woodbury Rose Woodbury December 4736 May 4740 Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Foreign Affairs
Rt. Hon. Aaron O'Connor Aaron O'Connor May 4740 December 4747 Prime Minister of the Commonwealth
Hon. Rosalie Woodbury Rosalie Woodbury December 4747 December 4757 Leader of the Official Opposition
Hon. Tina Warawa Tina Warawa December 4757 January 4762 Leader of the Official Opposition
Patrick Grant Patrick Grant January 4762 Incumbent

Electoral History Edit

Election Leader Votes % Seats +/- Position Government
4704 Patrick Wayne 11,219,997 19.55
129 / 645
Increase129 Increase4th Government Coalition
4708 14,134,879 25.92
169 / 645
Increase40 Increase3rd Government Coalition
4712 18,151,236 33.64
221 / 645
Increase52 Increase1st Minority Government
4713 23,743,931 51.77
334 / 645
Increase113 Steady1st Majority Government
4717 Rebecca Dawson 21,199,348 43.24 1
150 / 345
Decrease184 Steady1st Minority Government
4721 22,055,876 50.35
174 / 345
Increase24 Steady1st Majority Government
4725 Matthew Whitmore 19,085,949 33.14
115 / 345
Decrease59 Decrease2nd Official Opposition
4728 23,163,364 41.43
143 / 345
Increase28 Increase1st Minority Government
4732 21,180,800 38.17
131 / 345
Decrease12 Steady1st Minority Government
4736 Rose Woodbury 22,143,962 34.54%
120 / 345
Decrease11 Steady1st Official Opposition
4739 19,377,920 36.33%
125 / 345
Increase5 Steady1st Government Coalition
4743 Aaron O'Connor 19,621,909 37.28%
131 / 345
Increase6 Steady1st Minority Government
4747 9,999,418 17.45%
59 / 345
Decrease72 Decrease3rd Third Party
4750 Rosalie Woodbury 9,425,879 21.74%
72 / 345
Increase13 Increase2nd Official Opposition
4754 11,716,615 23.35%
76 / 345
Increase4 Steady2nd Official Opposition
4758 Tina Warawa 6,831,448 14.39%
59 / 405
Decrease17 Steady2nd Official Opposition
4762 1,377,947 3.3%
13 / 405
Decrease46 Decrease6th Third Party
4763 Patrick Grant 1,132,395 3.6%
12 / 405
Decrease1 Steady6th Fourth Party
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