Libertarian Nationalist Party
PresidentMaria Sandrigal
ChairmanLeonard Price
FoundersEdward Balwin, Cain Barber
Founded12th of February 4759
HeadquartersFreedom Towers, Metarie, East Bolton, Likatonia
Student wingLiberal Right Studies
Youth wingYoung Nationalists
Women's wingFeminist Libertarian Alliance
Political positionCenter-right
International AffiliationCivil Rights Council
Multinational Organization for Directorialism
Anti-Communist League
24 / 125
1 / 5
5 / 13

The Libertarian Nationalist Party is a center-right political party in Likatonia, it was dissolves in 4783 and reinstated in 4810 and redissolved in 4816.

Platform[edit | edit source]

The Party Platform was adopted by a small gathering of 100 individuals at Metarie, East Bolton in February 12th of 4759. The party platform of LNP puts emphasis on civil liberties, laissez-faire economics, and patriotism. It's goals are making it so the only role of the government is to protect it's citizens, and everything else is decentralized to the local governments.

Party Elections[edit | edit source]









4759-4767 Edward Baldwin.jpg

Edward Baldwin

4759-4767 Cain Barber.jpg

Cain Barber

4767-4783 Cain Barber.jpg

Cain Barber

4768-4783 Nichole Carpenter.jpg

Nichole Carpenter

4810- Maria Sandrigal.jpg

Maria Sandrigal

4810- Leonard Price.jpg

Leonard Price

Eras[edit | edit source]

"Model Conservative" era (4759-4764)[edit | edit source]

During this era founder and ex-president of the LNP Edward Baldwin tried to make friends with the Conservative Republican Party, and pass laws that were traditionally conservative such as: Military Privatization, Militarism, Interventionism, Abortion Restrictions, etc. Near the end of this era Likatonia went to war with Zardugal due to the actions of the CRP. Edward Baldwin in an attempt to seem strong on freedom made a few off hand comments about supporting direct military action against Zardugal instead of just funding the Freedom Fighters like what Likatonia was already doing.

"Liberal Capitalist" era (4764-4767)[edit | edit source]

During this era, the war with Zardugal was being condemned by the World Congress and by the Likatonian people, causing Edward Baldwin to backtrack on his previous statements, and condemn the war as well. Also at the start of this era the LNP got a massive growth in seats becoming the largest political force in Likatonia, because of this Edward Baldwin put social politics on the back burner to focus on laissez-faire economics, and decreased budget spending. Edward Baldwin also jumped on the bandwagon of blaming the CRP for the current war, and for the unethical interventionist policies that the Likatonian government has introduced in the past, ironically because of this the LNP became the largest critic of the CRP causing a feud that would eventually turn off conservative voters all together. This era ended with the suicide of Edward Baldwin on September 3rd, 4767 shortly after the LNP's devastating lose in the 4767 election.

"Social Progressive" era (4767-1983)[edit | edit source]

At the start of this era the co-founder, and vice-President of the LNP Cain Barber became the president and elections were held for the vice-president position 6 months later, where a woman of color; Nichole Carpenter was elected in. After the election of Nichole Carpenter, Cain Barber did an interview where he announced the new direction of the LNP would be social progressiveness, an announcement that turned off more hardliner conservative voters, and made them progressively lose votes until they dissolved in 1983 due to bad election results and internal splitting.

"Reformist Era" (4810-Present)[edit | edit source]

This Era started with the Reform of the LNP with previous LNP Senator, Maria Sandrigal. Maria has announced her intention to take the party back to the "Liberal Capitalist" era of the mid 4760's, and to incorporate much more democracy and transparency into the party such as having open elections for president which is scheduled for 4814.

Factions[edit | edit source]

Left wing[edit | edit source]

This faction in the party is mostly made up of Libertarians and Liberals, they make up about 20% of the party and are very vocal about keeping the party culturally left-leaning. They are anti-militarist, pro-LGBT, pro-choice, however they are centrist/right leaning when it comes to economic matters. Co-Founder and Cain Barber was from this faction.

Nationalist[edit | edit source]

This faction is made up of mainstream conservatives, and paleolibertarians , they make up about 20% of the party, but that number is going down some. People of this wing are generally pro-gun, pro-freedom of speech, pro-isolationism, Pro-devolution, and pro-immigration control. On other issues like LGBT rights, and abortion they tend to be in support or neutral. Economically they are a mixture of pro-low taxes, and pro-big budget.

Neo-liberal[edit | edit source]

This faction is the main faction and the one that the founder Edward Baldwin was in, They make up about 60% of the party. People in this wing's cultural views tend to be a mixture of both the nationalist wing values, and Left wing's values with a great emphasis on devolution of federal powers. Economically they want to drastically cut spending, and taxes, coupled with a free market, and little corporate restrictions

Election history[edit | edit source]

Election Votes % Seats +/- Position Role
4761 2,945,434 4.57
5 / 100
N/A 8th Smith cabinet
4764 15,823,113 24.99
27 / 100
Increase 22 Increase 1st Barber cabinet
Aug 4767 6,022,999 9.21
8 / 100
Decrease 19 Decrease 7th Barber cabinet
(caretaker government)
Nov 4767 7,336,214 11.24
11 / 100
Increase 3 Increase 6th Opposition
4768 9,302,453 14.43
15 / 100
Increase 4 Increase 4th Opposition
4771 3,514,033 5.53
3 / 100
Decrease 12 Decrease 7th Opposition
4774 6,954,470 10.67
11 / 100
Increase 8 Increase 6th Cornut cabinet
4776 7,186,218 10.72
9 / 100
Decrease 2 Increase 5th Hart I cabinet
4780 4,633,444 7.51
6 / 100
Decrease 3 Decrease 7th Norton cabinet
4782 3,265,224 5.04
3 / 100
Decrease 3 Decrease 8th Opposition
4811 10,759,666 16.92
22 / 125
N/A 3rd Opposition
4812 9,827,971 16.65
20 / 125
Decrease 2 Decrease 4th Brown I cabinet
4815 12,475,787 18.88
24 / 125
Increase 4 Increase 3rd Brown I cabinet

Party Primary Election History[edit | edit source]

Year First Round Second Round VP pick
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