The Libertarian Socialist Party commonly abbreviated to LSP was a political party in Brmék’oék Nrzipntakmojad. It was founded in 2413 by trade union leader José María Caballero. The party has particularly strong ties to the labour unions and produces a monthly magazine entitled The Truth. It is set to contest it's first election in 2416 and Mr Caballero will be it's candidate for the Presidency.

History Edit

The party was founded on May 17, 2413 José María Caballero and most of it's first members were made up of those from the National Confederation of Labour who believed that political rather than revolutionary means were the best way to bring about worker empowerment. Caballero admitted openly that this deparure from orthodox anarchist doctrine was an attempt at "bringing the state down from within". Initially there was division within the party as a small minority of members were keen to establish a state socialist system in Brmék’oék Nrzipntakmojad. However the majority of the party wanted Workers self-management and a truly anarchist system entailing the absence of a state/government. The dissenters were quickly won over by the mainstream of the party.

Ideology Edit

The party aims to abolish private property and illegitimate authoritarian institutions, so that all of society will control the means of production and resources shall be shared by society as a whole and not just an elite few. The party intends for the promotion of liberty and social justice to be carried out by trade unions, workers' councils, municipalities, citizens' assemblies and other non-bureaucratic, decentralized means of action. So ironically the party will have been sucessful once there is no longer a role for it in society. Overall the party aims to create a society lacking in social, economic or political hierarchies in which all violent institutions would be removed and replaced with a situation in which every person would have free, equal access to the tools of information and prodution.

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