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Republic of Likatonia

Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Likatonia
Location of Likatonia

Freedom, Equality, Justice (Luthorian)

Anthem "Our Likatonia"
Capital Clovisport
Largest city Metarie
  others Native Likatonian languages, Egelian
36% Hosian
29% Native-Likatonian Religions
13% irreligious
5% Yeudi
2% The Reformed Hosian Church
Ethnic Groups
47% Likatonian
13% Native Likatonian
9% Egelian
8% Talmorian
5% Valruzia
5% Dundorfian
5% Hutorian
3% Canrillaise
3% Darnussian
3% Sekowan
2% Klikut
Demonym Likatonian
Government Federal Semi-Presidential Republic
  Legislature Senate
President Minerva Spinner
Chancellor Craig Hudson
Area 1,230,600 km² 
Population 68,390,248
(4743 estimate) 
985,244,567,444 LIK (4740)
  per capita 9,879 (4740)
Established 4880 (current Republic)
Currency Likath (LIK)
Time Zone GMT +4
  summer GMT +5
Drives on the Right
Calling Code +17
Internet TLD .lk

Likatonia, officially the Republic of Likatonia, is a nation located in north-western Seleya. It is bordered to the east by the Lodamun and to the south by the Valruzia. Likatonia is made up of five States: Pirland, Madison, East Bolton, West Bolton and Norwalk. The official language is the Luthorian.

History of Likatonia[]

Main article: History of Likatonia

A full history of Likatonia from its creation to the present.


Main article: Geography of Likatonia

A full account of Likatonian geography.


Main article: Order of Battle for the Likatonian Armed Forces

Likatonian Union Troops during the 1st Civil War.

Likatonia's military is called the Likatonian Armed Forces (LAF).

The LAF's High Command is composed of members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a body composed of the service chiefs from each service who advise the President on military matters. However the President is the only one able to execute a military order.

Likatonian Union Ships under heavy fire during the 1st Civil War.

Likatonian Union Marines landing on beaches during the 1st Civil War.

Likatonian Coast Guard Ships patrolling the seas during Peacetime.

National High Command:

President of the Nation (Commander-in-chief)

Secretary of Defense

General of the Likatonian Army (LA)

Fleet Admiral of the Likatonian Navy (LN)

General of the Likatonian Marine Corps (LMC)

Commandant of the Likatonian Coast Guard (LCG)

Main Branches of Military:

The LAF is composed of 5 branches that is each represented by a Chief of Staff in the Joint Chiefs of Staff who advises the President on military matters.

Main Branches of the LAF:

-LA (Likatonian Army)

-LN (Likatonian Navy)

-LMC (Likatonian Marine Corps)

-LCG (Likatonian Coast Guard)

The LA is to be responsible for the ground security, and territorial integrity of the state.The LA is composed of 300,000 active personnel and 500,000 (Army Reserve) personnel.

The LN is to be responsible for the maritime security of the state and to protect the state at sea.

The marine corps is to be responsible for providing power projection, using the mobility of the Likatonian Navy to rapidly-deliver combined-arms task forces on land, at sea and in the air.

The coast guard is to be responsible for coastal security and minor naval security.



Likatonia is the Federal Democratic Republic. Governmental powers in Likatonia are divided into legislative, executive and judiciary branches. The legal system of Likatonia is civil law, strongly influenced, as is the institutional framework.

The Presidential Palace in Clovisport, West Bolton.

The President of the Republic is the head of state and directly elected to office.

The government is headed by the Chancellor, who has 12 ministers in charge of particular departments of activity. The executive branch is responsible for creating a budget, executing the laws, and guiding the foreign and internal policies of the republic. Under the federal republic this role was held by the Prime Minister.

The Supreme Court's palace under construction.

Likatonia has a three-tiered judicial system, made up of the Supreme Court, County Courts, and Municipal Courts. The Constitutional Court rules on matters regarding the Constitution. In addition, there are misdemeanor courts, commercial courts, and administrative courts.

Law enforcement in Likatonia is the responsibility of the Likatonian Police Force, which is under the control of the Department of Internal Affairs, the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice. Judges in the Supreme Court are party affiliated but in all other courts are independent and neutral.

The Senate Building, where the Senate meets

Likatonia's legislative branch is made up of single chamber Congress. This was House of Representatives witn the number of members may vary as Constitutional Amendments are passed, but it typically ranges from 200 to 750. However, in 4718 this was replaced by the Senate which has 100 members, 20 from each state. This was eventually replaced with the People's Chamber in the Communist Republic. In the 4880 constitition, the Senate was restored but this time with 99 seats. The legislature proposes and passes laws.

Administrative Divisions[]

States of Likatonia

Likatonia, a unitary state, is divided into five first-level administrative states. The states are administrated by a State Governor which have their own cabinet. The states are then sub-divided into 320 second-level municipalities, which in turn are administrated by directly elected municipal council, headed by a mayor and a small executive cabinet.

State Flag Capital
United states alternate flag 2 by alternatehistory-d7e2004.png
West Bolton
Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 4.48.31 PM.png
East Bolton
Santa Antonia
St. Jackson


Main article: Economy of Likatonia

Clovisport's Financial District,one of the most important in Terra

Likatonia is one of the fastest growing economies in Likatonia. The largest sectors in the contry is financial services, which is prominent in Clovisport, Mining in East Bolton and Logging in all the sates. Other sectors are also sizeable, such as in transport, automotives, fishing and farming; the last two which are normally run by very small companies. Also many services are provide by the government of likatonia such as most rail and bus services and most power plants are owned and operated by the governmet. Liktonia's economy is linked with many other countries in Seleya with some even owning parts of comapnies. The largest and most powerful company in Likatonia is the Hamilton Company.They are closely linked with the success of the country and the former party called the CRP. Likatonia also has a stock exchange which is updated on the forum.This recent growth have assured the people that Likatonia is an important country in Seleya and can one day become a world power.

Sport in Likatonia[]

Likatonia enjoys a great sporting heritage, particularly in Likatonian Football (also called Jelbanian Football). The national football team of Likatonia have never won a football match against the Jelbanian team, whom they play annually. The Likatonian national football association is called the Football League of Likatonia (FLL).

Current sporting has turned to Hockey. The Likatonian Hockey League (LHL) has recently started and adopted 15 new teams, including the Clovis Eagles, the Bolton Quails, the St. Jackson Bombers and the Chester Tigers.

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