Likatonian Stock Exchange<span />
Type Stock Exchange
Location Clovisport, West Bolton, Likatonia
Currency Likath (LIK)
Owner Likatonian Business Holdings (100%)

* Market Identifier Code

The Likatonian Stock Exchange is the largest and most important stock exchange in Likatonia, located in the capital city of Clovisport, it operates in many financial markets in equities, bonds, derivatives, precious medals and commodities.


The LSE was founded as a way for all the new companies being set up in the country and existing companies to get more money from individuals willing to invest. Previous to this Stock Exchange their was no unified stock market so business traders would hve to walk around to small stock markets and private companies headquaters to invest. The Stock Exchange has been a real benefit to the economy and has helped with growth in the country and in its companies based there.


Financial District in Colvisport

The LSE is located in Clovisport's Financial District, surrond by office skyscrapers and other companies headquaters. It is the heart of the countries economy.

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