Lindenism (Duntrekaans: Lindenisme) is a political ideology that originates from mid-39th century Saridan, more specifically from the island of Sint Pietereiland where it is most prevalent. It is solely based on the beliefs of Klaus Van Der Linden, founder of the Saridani Liberal Front which heavily influenced Saridani politics by bringing an end to the two party system and

Lindenist thought (usually) consists of elements of classical liberalism, liberal-democracy, libertarianism, soft-nationalism and federalism, but. Lindenists are supporters of Constitutional Monarchies and generally favor them over fully republican systems, although that has drastically changed recently following the start of King Izaäk the First of Saridan's active involvement in politics and forming the Royal Coallition with the Progressive Party.

Lindenism is a pragmatic ideology which adjusts its actions to best accomodate the current situation and ultimately aims to create a highly developed and wealthy Lindenist Utopia. There are three main tenets of Lindenism, all of which come from a famous quote by Klaus Van Der Linden: "Modernization, Urbanization, Liberalization". These principles were declared as the three main factors a Lindenist Chairman must consider while planning internal reforms. According to Klaus Van Der Linden the three tenets are the only path toward a well-functioning, wealthy and cheerful society.

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