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Socialist State of Liore
Kijamaa ya Nchi wa Liore

Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of arms
Location of Liore
Location of Liore

Only United can we be Free ()

Anthem "May we be Free"
Capital Yamabiro
Largest city Naranpá
  others Kunikata
  others Pantheism
Demonym Liori
Government Dominant-Party Socialist Republic
  Legislature People's Assembly
President Jail Obama
Premier Abasi Ngige
Area 1,124,327 km² km²
Population 40,187,502
(4743 estimate) 
Currency Liori Yen
Internet TLD .li
Organizations World Congress

Dovani Pact

Liore, officially known as the Socialist State of Liore (Kitembo: Kijamaa ya Nchi wa Liore, Kunikata: リオリの社会主義国家), is a sovereign state located in eastern Dovani. It is bordered by Mina to the north-west, Istapali to the east and north-east, Midway to the south-west, and Kurageri to the south. Liore is composed of twelve recognized Departments, but lays claim to and occupies the Nefa region on the border with Mina, and holds claims to other pieces of borderlands inhabited by Kitembo peoples.


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The present state of Liore was formed from two former Sekowan colonies: Lýore and Shiratoku. As a consequence of the long period of colonialism, there is a significant Kunihito minority in the country.


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The geography of Liore is dominated by three major areas. In the west runs the Caltropic Highlands, with its northern-most area being largely arid and mountainous and its southern-most regions being dominated by the Yrasema jungle and smaller mountains and hills. Eastern Liore is the Utukanchi Savannah, a vast and flat grassland containing smaller sections of wetlands.

Government and Politics[]

Liore is governed by a nominally democratic socialist republic, though has a continuing history of non-totalitarian dominant-party rule. The current Liori constitution has been in effect since the socialist revolution of 4772 but has undergone major political reforms democratizing the once one-party state, most recently in 4868 when the People's Assembly voted to decouple the Liori state from the People's Front party.

The current reigning party in Liore is the National Movement, a moderately socialist Pan-Dovanian party that has dominated Liori politics since 4854. Other parties include the People's Front, Harambee, and Free Liore. Liore also has a rich tradition of electing independent candidates to office, especially among constituencies dominated by a single tribe.


Main article: Economy of Liore

The Liori economy is among the largest in Dovani and in Terra. Since the advent of socialism in 4772, the economy has largely been managed by central planners rather than left to market trends and private management, which has largely insulated Liore from negative global market trends including global collapses, but has come at the cost of a slower average growth and lack of interest from and opportunity given to foreign investors. A dual economic system has however been put in place since the creation of several special economic zones in urban centers, open completely to private enterprise and foreign investment.

The Liori economy is largely export based, and has been built upon a focus on mineral extraction and refinement by central planners. In recent decades, the Liori economy has begun to diversify into new industries, especially after the establishment of special economic zones. Though the mineral industry remains the largest in the Liori economy, other substantial industries include general consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, armaments, tourism, and entertainment.


Main article: Armed Forces of Liore

Liore fields one of the most advanced and powerful militaries in Dovani, and one of the most substantial in Terra. Nominally small, the Liori ground forces consist of 152,000 active duty combat personnel divided between a regular Liore National People's Army (LNPA) and a more elite Liore Vanguard (LV). The LNPA also maintains a reserve force of 130,000 combat personnel. Both the LNPA and LV are highly mobile, combined arms forces, with units making use of MBTs, AFVs, and air cavalry. Liore ground doctrine revolves around rough terrain mobility and asymmetric warfare, with the domestic defense rather than international incursion being the primary role of the Liori armed forces.

The Liore National People's Navy (LNPN) is a more humble force dedicated to patrolling and defending national waters. Consisting of two battlecruisers, four cruisers, six frigates, fifteen destroyers, and seventy smaller vessels (including patrol and torpedo boats, fast attack craft, corvettes, etc) separated into two fleets and several coastal squadrons. After reverse engineering several Deltarian craft, Liore has become able to produce for a vast majority of its naval needs. The LNPN has in service two Kirov-Class Battlecruisers (the largest class of non aircraft carrier warship currently in use in Terra) serving as flagships for Liore's two fleets, the LPW Kubwa and the LPW Haishindwi.


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