Socialist State of Liore'
Kijamaa ya Nchi wa Liore
LioreComFlag LioreCOA
Flag Coat of arms
Regions of Liore
Location of Liore

The wise are those who are free ()

Anthem "For Liore!"
Capital Yamabiro
Largest city Naranpá
  others Kunikata
  others Pantheism
Demonym Liori
Government One-Party Socialist Republic
  Legislature General Assembly
President Ndidi Afolayan
Premier Otieno Obama
Area 1,124,327 km² km²
Population 45,722,874 
Currency Liori Yen
Internet TLD .li

Liore, officially known as the Socialist State of Liore (Liori: Kijamaa ya Nchi wa Liore, Kunikata: リオリの社会主義国家), is a sovereign state located in eastern Dovani. It is bordered by Cifutingan to the north-west; Istapali to the east and north-east; Midway to the south-west; and Kurageri to the south. Liore is composed of nine regions, including Yrasêma, Minahara, Araresa, Furutari, and Arami. The capital Yamabiro is located in Furutari and the largest city Naranpá is located in Araresa.


The present state of Liore was formed from two former Sekowan colonies: Lýore and Shiratoku. As a consequence of the long period of colonialism, there is a significant Kunihito minority in the country.


The land in Liore is very mountainous, with all land but the eastern outskirts of the regions Minaraha and Araresa being within the Caltropic Highlands.

Government and politicsEdit

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