vThe International Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (IESCO) Global Heritage sites are places of importance to cultural or natural heritage as described by the IESCO criterion. Below is a list of all currently recognized IESCO Global Heritage sites.

Global Heritage sites Edit

Type Site Image Country Location Criteria Year
Qolshamih Ancient City and Archaeological Site Ruins of Qolshamih Italia Istalia Romula, Mezzodiurno Cultural, (i.), (ii.), (iii.), (i.v). 4480
Calliari Ruhi Temple Ruhi Temple Calliari Italia Istalia Calliari, Sarregna Cultural, (i.), (ii.), (iii.), (iv.). 4480
Palace of Villareale Villareale Palace Italia Istalia Villareale, Sarregna Cultural, (i.), (iv.). 4480
Ignanski Congressional Center of Nowogard Palac-Kultury-i-Nauki New Valruzia flag 1 Valruzia Nowogard, Valusian Voivodeship Cultural, (iii.). 4480
The Heavenly City HeavenlyCity YuDynastyFlag Indrala Tian'an, Han Cultural, (i.), (ii.), (iii.), (i.v). 4480
Temple of Ten Thousand Bidars 10000 YuDynastyFlag Indrala Shencheng, Han Cultural, (i.), (ii.), (iii.), (iv.). 4480
Shengo Rock Fortress and Ancient City Shengo YuDynastyFlag Indrala Shu Cultural, (ii.), (iii.), (iv.). 4480
Mengmai Ancient City and Archaeological Site MengmaiIESCO YuDynastyFlag Indrala Mengmai County, Jiaozhi Mixed, (ii.), (iii.), (iv.), (v.), (vi.). 4480
Empyrean Temple EmpyreanTemple Selucia new flag Selucia Auroria, Marestella Cultural, (i.), (ii.), (iii.), (iv.). 4480
Domus Consularis Domus Consularis Selucia new flag Selucia Auroria, Marestella Cultural, (i.), (ii.), (iv.). 4480
Altar of the Republic Republic altar Selucia new flag Selucia Sadarium, Occidentria Cultural, (ii.), (iii.), (iv.). 4480
Shrine of the Messiah Messiah shrine Barmenistan flag Barmenistan Varishehr, Murdhild Cultural, (i.), (ii.), (iii.), (iv.). 4480
The Norfiords Norfiord Cove DranianFederationFlag Dankuk Magadonia Province Natural, (v.), (vi.), (vii.). 4480
Royal Tombs of Baekgu Royal Tombs of Baekgu DranianFederationFlag Dankuk Elbian Province Cultural, (ii.), (iii.), (iv.). 4480
Beonyeongsalm Palace Beonyeongsalm Palace DranianFederationFlag Dankuk Gongmangdo Federal City Cultural, (ii.), (iii.), (iv.). 4480
Mount Huojuren Mount Huojuren Socialist Dalibor Flag Dalibor The Outlands Natural, (v.), (vi.), (vii.).. 4490
Mor Yaqub Cathedral Mor Yaqub New FlagofCildania2 Cildania Har Jafe, Kinaan Cultural, (i.), (ii.), (iv.). 4480